Gerry Kasten loves food!

He was born to a farming family and still helps his brother bring in the harvest each year. He has an Honours Diploma in Commercial Cooking from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, has a Bachelors of Science in Home Economics from the University of Alberta and has earned a Masters degree in Human Nutrition from UBC. His Master’s research was on food choices amongst gay men. He has worked in Public Health in BC for the past twenty-six years, in five of BC’s seven Health Authorities: Interior, Northern, Fraser, Vancouver Coastal and the First Nations Health Authority. Gerry has chaired the boards of directors of Dietitians of Canada and has served as President of the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation. In 2013, he was awarded a Fellowship from Dietitians of Canada. His chequered past has led him to a critical analysis of the constructions of gender, privilege and class distinctions, particularly as they are enacted through food.

Gerry wants to live in a world where people celebrate food, sharing it with those they love, taking its pleasure without restraint because its flavour saturates their most sensuous appetites!