Maja Krzic

Maja Krzic

3M National Teaching Fellow,

Associate Professor, Applied Biology/Forest and Conservation Sciences


MacMillan 227, 2357 Main Mall

Virtual Soil Science Learning Resources

University of British Columbia, 1997, PhD

University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1990, MSc

University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1986, BSc

  • Application of information technology in soil science education
  • Soil compaction susceptibility
  • Land-use impacts on temperate grasslands: linking soil quality and ecosystems function
  • Rehabilitation of degraded forest soils
  • Forest grazing and its impacts on soil quality

Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students:

Clara Roa-Garcia (Ph.D., started Sep 2009; co-supervised with Dr. Sandra Brown). Thesis title: “Soil properties and land use affecting soil water dynamics in Andisols and Inceptisols in the Colombian Andes”

Emma Avery (M.Sc., started May 2016). Thesis title: “Long-term impacts of biosolids application on soil quality and vegetation at the OK Ranch, Jesmond, BC”

Lewis Fausak (M.Sc., started Sep 2017). Thesis title: “Grassland-set-asides and their effects on soil nitrogen”

Teresa Porter (M.Sc., started Jan 2018). Thesis title: “Effects of four years of grassland set-asides on soil quality in western Fraser River valley of BC”

Chantel Chizen (MSc, starts Sep 2018). Thesis title: "Green house gas (GHG) emissions from potato fields in Delta, BC"

Alex Kramer (MSc, starts Sep 2018). Thesis title: "Grassland soil quality"

Past Graduate Students:

Jason Lussier (M.Sc., Mar 2018). Thesis title: “The effects of short-term grassland set-asides on soil properties in the Fraser River Delta of British Columbia”

Daniel Seeton (M.Sc., Apr 2016). Thesis title: “Ammonia emission and dry deposition from broiler barns in the Fraser River Valley of British Columbia”

Preston Cumming (Postdoc). “Effect of microclimate on community composition, productivity, and invasive plant establishment in grasslands”

Darrell Hoffman (M.Sc., Oct 2015). Thesis title: “Development and Evaluation of a Web-Based Educational Tool for Forest Floor Description and Humus Form Classification”

Dru Yates (M.Sc., May 2014). Thesis title: “Effects of grassland set-asides on selected soil properties in the Fraser River delta of British Columbia”

Robert Lee (M.Sc., Nov 2011). Thesis title: “Relationships of plant communities and soil properties to exotic plant invasion under climate change scenario”

Adrienne Scott (M.Sc., Jun 2011). Thesis title: “An assessment of soil water repellency after wildfire in southern British Columbia: Comparison of methodologies and predictive indicators”

Christian Evans (M.Sc., Jan 2011). Thesis title: “A comparison of the effects of 20 and 30 years of grazing on grassland soil properties in southern British Columbia”

Rachel Strivelli (M.Sc., Feb 2010). Thesis title: “Development of an innovative, interactive soils teaching tool for metapedogenesis”

Yihai (Simon) Zhao (Ph.D., Jun 2009). Thesis title: “Compaction susceptibility of forest soils in BC”

Sarah Lamagna (M.Sc., Aug 2008). Thesis title: “Development of health indicators for rough fescue grasslands in the southern interior of British Columbia”. For more details visit

Bruce Roddan (M.Sc., Apr 2008). Thesis title: “Development of sediment trap design for riparian areas”

Shannon Ripley (M.Sc., Jun 2007). Thesis title: “Soil quality indicators in the forest grazing systems in Argentina”

Maryam Mofidpoor (M.Sc., Jun 2007). Thesis title: “Soil quality indicators for peat moss as a growing media base”

Brian Wallace (M.Sc., Jun 2007). Thesis title: “Effect of biosoilds on physical properties of rangeland soils in southern British Columbia”

Peter Sorokovsky (M.Sc., Sep 2005). Thesis title: “Compaction on sand-based putting greens in the Lower Fraser Valley”

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Wallace B.M., M. Krzic , R.F. Newman, T.A. Forge, K. Broersma, and G. Neilsen. 2016. Soil aggregate dynamics and plant community response following biosolids application in semiarid grasslands. J. Environm. Qual. Vol. 45 No. 5, p. 1663-1671 (doi:10.2134/jeq2016.01.0030)

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  • UBC Killam Teaching Prize, 2006
  • North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Teaching Award of Merit, 2006
  • AMTEC Award of Merit by the Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC), 2007
  • CADE Award of Excellence for Partnership and Collaboration by the Canadian Association for Distance Education (CADE), 2007
  • CNIE Award of Merit in the Media Festival for the instructional, post-secondary awarded by the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), 2007
  • CNIE Award of Excellence in Innovation in Web Design by the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), 2011
  • Soil Science for Society Award by the Canadian Society of Soil Science (CSSS), 2012
  • Mentoring Award by the Association for Women Soil Scientists, Soil Science Society of America, 2013
  • CNIE Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology, in a Formal or Non-Formal Educational Program , 2014
  • Quarry Life Award (3rd place) , 2014
  • Platinum MARCOM Award in the mobile and web-based technology category for the educational project SOILx , 2014
  • Platinum AVA Digital Award in the Information Experience category for the educational project SOILx , 2015
  • Outstanding Associate Editor of Natural Sciences Education , 2016
  • 3M National Teaching Fellow , 2016