Tamara Cohen

Tamara Cohen

Director of Dietetics
Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health

Investigator, Healthy Starts, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

604 827-0362


FNH 218, 2205 East Mall

UBC Dietetics Major, Cohen Lab Website

PhD McGill University- Area of Focus: Childhood Obesity Family-Based Lifestyle Intervention

MSc McGill University - Area of Focus: Lifestyle Behaviours during Pregnancy

BSc (Dietetics Major) - McGill University

My broad research interests lie in understanding the interplay between different lifestyle behaviours, in particular eating behaviours, as they relate to weight management. My research is patient-oriented and always involves dietitians in the forefront of lifestyle interventions. I work with different populations, including adults living with an overweight condition or obesity and adolescents living with severe obesity. I am also interested in studying different methods of dietary assessment that include mobile applications.

FNH 380- Professional Practice (Dietetics)

Undergraduate volunteer or Graduate Students: If you are interested in applied human-nutrition research that is dietetic practice focused, please do not hesitate to contact me (tamara.cohen@ubc.ca). In your email, please include your CV and a brief description of your research interests or intentions to volunteer in my lab.