Julie Wilson

Julie Wilson

Academic Coordinator, MLWS Program




MacMillan 112A, 2357 Main Mall

University of British Columbia, MSc

University of British Columbia, BSc

Julie Wilson's research interests involve the assessment of the quality and quantity of freshwater resources, including surface and groundwater. She is broadly interested in how different land use practices affect water resources and how this, in turn, affects human development (e.g. food and energy production). These issues were the basis of her M.Sc. research at UBC (2010). A better understanding and management of land-water linkages and cumulative effects will help to improve human health and environmental sustainability.

Julie’s professional and research goals have evolved towards science outreach and communication: strengthening connections between the academic community and the public, policy makers, the private sector, youth, and more. Science education and literacy is also an emerging field of interest. See other programs that Julie has been involved with at UBC including the NSERC CREATE program, TerreWEB, and also the SOILx and Soil4Youth programs.

Defrenne, C.E., J.E. Wilson, S.W. Simard and L.M. Lavkulich. 2016. Disturbance legacy on soil carbon stocks and stability within a coastal temperate forest of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Open Journal of Forestry, 6, 305-323. http://dx.doi.org/10.4236/ojf.2016.65025