Associate Dean, Academic
Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition & Health
phone: 6048221804
fax: 6048225143
FNH 247
2205 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4


University of Alberta, PhD, Food Chemistry
University of British Columbia, MSc, Food Science
University of British Columbia, BSc, Food Science

Research Projects

Investigation of alpha-Glucosidase I (GluI I)

Glu I is the first enzyme to act in processing oligosaccharides N-linked to proteins. While Glu I essential for normal cell biochemistry and viability in higher organisms, there is solid evidence that inhibitors of this enzyme can be effective therapeutic agents to treat disease states that manifest in abnormal glycosylation or rely on glyco-recognition.

Graduate Students

Please note: I am NOT accepting new graduate students or postdoctoral fellows


Undergraduate: FNH 303 Food Product Development

Introduction to and application of concepts involved in food product formulation and development.

Graduate: FOOD 522 – Advances in Food Chemistry

Selected Publications

Barker MK, Wilkinson BL, Faridmoayer A , Scaman CH, Fairbanks AJ, Rose DR. 2011. Production and crystallization of processing alpha-glucosidase I: P. pastoris expression and a two step purification toward structual determination. Protein Expression & Purification.

Lam M , Scaman CH, Kermode A, Clemens S. 2008 Retention of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity in wheat seedlings during storage and in vitro digestion Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 56, 11407–11412.

Goldson A, Lam M ; Scaman, CH, Clemens S, Kermode A. 2008 Screening of phenylalanine ammonia lyase in plant tissues, and retention of activity during dehydration Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture, 88, 619-625.