Applied Biology Program (BSc)

About the APBI Program

The LFS Orchard Garden

Students in the Applied Biology Program explore the real-world application of the life sciences to the management of land, animals and food production.** The program emphasizes critical thinking, practical involvement, and a systems approach that integrates technical knowledge with sustainability and ethics. The Program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in sustainable food production and the responsible use of land, water and animals.

APBI Program Director: Prof. David Fraser

Meet Some of the Instructors in APBI!

**The “Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology” (offered by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems) complements other degree options. The “Bachelor of Applied Science” (offered by the Faculty of Applied Science) provides training in engineering. The “Bachelor of Science” degree (offered by the Faculty of Science) allows students to study basic biological sciences such as cell biology, molecular biology, physiology and ecology.

Is Applied Biology Right For You?

Plant science students examining leaves in the greenhouseAre you interested in:

  • The interrelationships of plants, animals, soils and the atmosphere?
  • Biodiversity?
  • Sustainable food production systems?
  • Protecting and improving the natural environment?
  • The health, protection and well-being of animals?
  • Working to improve food production and solve food shortages?
  • Teaching others the intricacies and importance of the living world?
  • The role of agriculture in urban areas?
  • Courses that directly relate your classroom learning to practical and current applications?

…then consider a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology.

Interested in learning more about APBI courses offered at UBC? Take a look at the List of APBI Courses.

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The deadline to apply to LFS minors is March 31. 

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