Applied Biology Program (BSc)

About the APBI Program

The LFS Orchard GardenThis is an opportunity to study the animal, plant, or soil sciences in a way that relates directly to the major issues facing the planet, environmental protection and preservation, sustainability, and biodiversity, in a specialization that matters to you.

APBI Program Director: Prof. David Fraser

Is Applied Biology Right For You?

Temple Grandin with a belted galloway cattleAre you interested in:

  • The interrelationships of plants, animals, soils and the atmosphere?
  • Biodiversity?
  • Sustainable food production systems?
  • Protecting and improving the natural environment?
  • The health, protection and well-being of animals?
  • Working to improve food production and solve food shortages?
  • Teaching others the intricacies and importance of the living world?
  • The role of agriculture in urban areas?
  • Courses that directly relate your classroom learning to practical and current applications?

…then consider a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology.


Commerce Minor

Students wanting a foundation in business management are encouraged to consider this minor. Application for Admission (Completed applications must be returned no later than April 1).

Science Minor

LFS students can augment their studies with a minor in science. Application for Admission (Completed applications must be returned no later than March 31).