Food, Nutrition, and Health

UBC’s Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health spans the continuum from the production and processing of food to its marketing, consumption, and impact on community and individual health. Within the Food, Nutrition and Health program, you can choose your major to align with your interests and professional goals. Hands-on practical learning, opportunities to connect with industry professionals and collaborative problem-solving are just some of the real-world competencies you’ll develop. Earn a professional designation, build a foundation for medical or graduate studies, or prepare for a career in global food markets — all of it is possible in Food, Nutrition and Health.

Majors Offered

Explore the majors offered in the Food, Nutrition and Health program at UBC. For each major, you’ll find a brief summary of what’s involved, some courses you might take as part of your studies, career possibilities for when you graduate, and links to alumni who are using their Food, Nutrition and Health degree in their careers.

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