Global Resource Systems (BSc)


International in scope and interdisciplinary in nature, UBC’s Bachelor of Science in Global Resource Systems is a degree you design for yourself, centered on local and international resource issues. You will select a region of the world to focus on, as well as a resource discipline within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. With these as your focal point, you will develop a richly layered understanding of international resource issues by taking courses across the arts, sciences and social sciences. You will explore complex resource problems. You will travel to another country. You will graduate prepared to participate on the international stage, bringing your insight and education to bear on some of the world’s most multilayered resource-driven problems.

Majors Offered

Global Resource Systems (GRS) is a major in itself — and it’s one you design entirely for yourself. Find out more about what GRS involves, some courses you might take as part of your studies, and career possibilities for when you graduate. We’ve also got links to alumni bios, where you can read about how LFS grads are using their Global Resource Systems degree in their careers.

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