Global Resource Systems (BSc)

Looking for an education that will prepare you to make a difference in your community, country and the world?

Global in scope and interdisciplinary in nature, UBC’s Global Resource Systems (GRS) allows you to gain an understanding of natural and agricultural resources from an international perspective. The Bachelor of Science degree in GRS enables you to determine your own academic path. You will develop a holistic understanding of global resource issues by exploring courses from a wide array of disciplines, and gain an integrated educational experience that emphasizes experiential learning related to global issues.


Global Resource Systems (GRS) is a program that can be customized to your interests by choosing both a ‘resource’ and a ‘regional’ specialization. For the resource specialization, you may focus on global health, international development, agricultural sustainability, and several other compelling options. Additionally, you will develop cross-cultural sensitivity and real-world experience by focusing on a region. Read more about these options below and career possibilities for when you graduate.

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