Human Nutrition Group

Tier II Canada Research Chair Yvonne Lamers

Tier II Canada Research Chair Yvonne Lamers

The Human Nutrition Group’s research mission is to advance knowledge regarding the role of nutrition in human health. Our comprehensive approach includes studying the roles that whole foods, individual nutrients, and non-nutritive food components have at the whole body, cellular and molecular level in various population groups and model systems. We also examine environmental, social, and individual determinants of food choices and eating patterns.

Tenure-Stream Faculty in the Human Nutrition Group

Jennifer Black

My research focuses broadly on the social determinants of health and dietary choices. I am interested in how attitudes and behaviours related to eating, cooking, food selection, body image and body weight status are shaped by socio-cultural and neighbourhood-level factors.

Crystal Karakochuk

My broad research interests include: maternal and child health, micronutrients, and global health. I am specifically interested in hemoglobin, iron and zinc biomarkers, the effect of inflammation on nutrition biomarkers, and genetic hemoglobinopathies and blood disorders (e.g., sickle cell, thalassemia).

Yvonne Lamers

I am interested in the physiology and biochemistry of nutrition-related diseases and in targeted and population-based prevention strategies of chronic diseases. My research specifically focuses on B-vitamins and their kinetics and functions in human metabolism.

Zhaoming Xu

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in health promotion and disease prevention. My overall research interest is to understand how nutrients act at the cellular and molecular levels with an emphasis on nutrient-gene interactions and their subsequent impact on metabolic functions.

Adjunct Professors in the Human Nutrition Group

  • Michael Lyon
  • Ryna Levy Milne
  • Simon Wood

Recent headlines from the Human Nutrition Group:

Name Description Photo
Clinical Nutrition Research Laboratory Our Clinical Nutrition Laboratory is equipped with an array of state-of-the-art analytical instruments, such as headspace GC-FID, GC-MS, HPLC-DAD, and UHPLC-DAD, etc..  Our researchers and graduate students are capable of determining and characterizing a wide range of nutrients (i.e., vitamins and amino acids), phytosterols, antioxidants, flavonoids and their metabolites.  It provides an excellent training environment for graduate students. clinical_nutrition02
Clinical Research Unit The Clinical Research Unit is comprised of a reception lounge, clinic rooms, a sample preparation area and a meeting room, that is equipped with an observation mirror and an audio/video system.  The room is suitable for conducting small focus group meetings, and behavior and consumer studies.  In addition, the Unit is also equipped with many clinical research tools, including a bioimpedance scale, stadiometer, calipers, blood pressure monitor, glucometers, hemoglobin analyzers, urine analyzer, a metabolic cart and a fully stocked phlebotomy station for blood sample collection. clinicalresearch01
Vij’s Kitchen & Culinary Laboratory The Culinary Laboratory is equipped with numerous modern kitchen stations and a demonstration station. The on-site audiovisual system enables filming, videoconferencing, distance education, and live-webcasting.  The Laboratory provides a great learning environment for students to learn basic food theory and food preparation and multicultural culinary technics and skills. It has been frequently used for culinary classes on regional cuisine. vijskitchen01
Sensory Laboratory The Sensory Laboratory consists of fourteen panelist booths complete with delivery windows and red lighting. The Sensory Lab is connected to the Culinary Laboratory for preparing food samples and a boardroom for panelist training. The Laboratory is ideal for teaching, research and commercial testing. sensorylab02