Student Spotlight: Joseph Al Rahmani

Student Spotlight: Joseph Al Rahmani

Global Resource Systems – 3rd Year

Joseph Al Rahmani

Why did you choose the Faculty of Land and Food Systems?

My first memory of UBC is when my sister received her acceptance letter when I was just 5 years old; I remember seeing the email on her computer screen as her scream of excitement echoed in the halls of our home. After her admission, my family and I would travel from Jordan to UBC every summer. I experienced many firsts here at UBC: University Village is where I got my first scar from learning how to ride a bike, the old Aquatic Centre is where I jumped off my first diving board, and my first bus ride was on the notorious 99 B-line. UBC has been weaved into the fabric of my existence, and now so is the faculty of Land and Food Systems. I chose the faculty of LFS because I had a deep interest in sciences that many consider “non-conventional;” I, later on, discovered that the courses that I had learned at LFS are probably the most applicable and useful courses one could take at UBC. No matter your program in this faculty, you come out as a well-rounded individual.

What has been the best part of your university experience and your student life in LFS so far?

The best part of my university experience was moving into the Global Resource Systems (GRS) program. The interdisciplinary nature of GRS has allowed me to explore my interests and build my own program around a specific resource and a region – International Development and Planning and Middle East Studies, respectively. As soon as I got admitted into the program, everything finally fell into place; my UBC experience started to look more and more like how I had envisioned it since I was a little boy.

How have you gotten involved in LFS and what impact has that had on you?

I was involved in organizing and executing the first-ever UBC Carnival as a social coordinator for the LFSUS. It was such an amazing experience to see months of planning come to life, and the best part was seeing the number of people that enjoyed it!

How are you involved outside of your academics at UBC?

Outside of my academics, I represent the Faculty of Land and Food Systems in the UBC Senate as a Senator. The UBC Senate is the highest academic governing body at UBC and it would surprise you how many of the decisions made affect students and faculty. As a senator I not only serve as a voting member on the UBC Senate, but I also serve on the Library subcommittee, the Appeals on Academic Standing subcommittee, the LFS curriculum committee, and as an honorary member of the LFS|US.

Where is your favourite place to eat/get a drink or snack?

My favourite place to grab a bite is always dependent on what type of food I am craving, but my on-the go-to is always Tim Hortons. Gotta love a classic double-double!

And finally, what is your favourite place on campus to relax or study?

The Law Library at Allard Hall will always be my favourite place to study. There is something about sitting in a room with future lawyers that always keeps me motivated to get my work done. And of course, Agora space and the Pod are always great places to sit and relax.