Simone Castellarin

The viticulture and wine business in BC and Canada is growing. There are outstanding wineries here. I’m looking forward to meeting BC grape producers and learning more about some of the problems they’re experiencing so I can help them find solutions.

John Frostad

A meal like this wouldn’t be intended to replace the way we normally eat or to change anyone’s lifestyle. It would be short-term assistance for people who have a difficult time getting the proper nutrition, such as the elderly or those in disaster situations.

Hans Schreier

With climate change, drought and flood conditions are going to become more common. Too much water, not enough water, both will have huge global implications. We have a challenge ahead of us and we need to adapt to these new conditions.

Maureen Gitata

The MFRE’s focus on applied economics, policy, and agribusiness management was very well aligned with my career goals. I wanted to gain advanced studies in economics and specialize in a field relevant to international development, and it’s provided me with a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Jennifer Martin

I have a love for good water and I thought I could take herbs and use them the way the wine industry uses grapes to create unique flavours. I wanted to develop an authentically healthy drink and lead the industry in bringing the level of added sugar down.