Alumni Spotlight: Daisy Shen

Alumni Spotlight: Daisy Shen

What were the highlights of university life at LFS and UBC?

Daisy Shen
(BSc Food Nutrition and Health)

I was the External Executive of LFS Undergraduate Society from 2016 to 2017. I coordinated the first LFS Career Fair in 2017, inviting 20 companies and organizations to the event. The success of the Career Fair boosted my confidence before and after my graduation. I also led the External Team on the successful Macmillan Basement Upgrade Project.

As the Arbutus House President in Ponderosa Commons Residence Association (2016 to 2017), I liaised between residents and university housing staff and planned, organized, and implemented three house events to improve residence life and build community. I worked collaboratively with other council members to deliver PCRA events to create a strong program of events.

What are you currently working on?

I am a Food Service Supervisor at Peace Arch Hospital. I coordinate and supervise 30 food service workers to ensure smooth food service operation.

How did your time in LFS impact you in your career since graduating?

I got my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences from LFS, which allows me to get a CSNM (Canadian Society of Nutrition Management) certificate. As the External Executive in LFS, I developed my leadership and organizational skills, enabling me to pursue a career in the health food service industry.

How do you stay connected to LFS and your alumni community?

I reach out to fellow alumni who work in similar industries, either having an in-person meet up or connecting via LinkedIn. By connecting, I grow my university life and career networks.

What advice would you give to new students about how to build community at LFS?

1) The LFS Mentorship Program to receive guidance and support from mentors. Mentors share their experience and insights on their studies and career path.

2) Join a student organization, such as LFS Undergraduate Society. You learn how to work in a team and build soft skills to support your future career goals.

What was your favorite hangout while studying at UBC? Your favorite place to eat?

The Rose Garden was my favorite hang out at UBC. The garden is filled with diverse types of roses and smells. It’s a wonderful place for taking pictures, especially during sunset and graduation. I had a lot of memories related to the garden.

My favorite place to eat was Mercante, located on the first floor of Ponderosa Maple House. Their pizza is Italian style made-to-order, with some vegetarian options too. I enjoyed eating while in the restaurant’s study room.