Flavour of the Month: Boba Green Milk Tea

Flavour of the Month: Boba Green Milk Tea

James Wang,
Development Officer

We asked James Wang, LFS Development Officer to share his end of the summer season with a special indulgence:

“I’m a big fan of green tea matched with cream, tapioca, and regular sugar. What makes this one stand out is the use of a teaspresso machine to freshly brew the green tea, making it my top choice for a refreshing summer drink.”

How long have you worked in LFS and what is your role?

I have been working in LFS as a Development Officer in the Development and Alumni Engagement Office for almost two years. My job is to advance our faculty’s excellence in research projects, educational programs and student support by fostering partnerships with our alumni, supporters, industry partners, and community members.

What is the highlight of working in LFS?

The highlight of working at LFS is the incredible sense of community. The faculty, students, and alumni form a close network of passionate individuals committed to mutual growth and support. This strong sense of community extends to our collaborations with industry partners and organizations, making our impact felt far beyond the campus.

What is something that you are proud of that you have accomplished in your career?

One of my achievements has been the strategic building of long-lasting relationships with alumni, donors, and industry partners. These relationships have not only generated vital financial support but have also been catalysts for transformative change within our Faculty. They’ve enabled us to elevate our educational offerings, accelerate groundbreaking research, and increase the financial support available to our students. Witnessing the tangible, positive impact these contributions make on both our Faculty and students is incredibly rewarding for me.

Boba Green Milk Tea

Your Flavour of The Month is boba green milk tea. Why is it your favourite?

I’ve always been into boba green milk tea. The green tea is super refreshing, and it’s perfect when you mix it with cream. The quality of the pearls has to be on point—they can really make or break the whole drink for me sometimes.

And finally, what activities on campus would you recommend to an alumni, student and faculty?

I highly recommend everyone take advantage of the diverse fitness programs on campus. There’s something for all fitness levels. I have attended some of the martial arts classes like kickboxing myself and it’s a great way to unwind after a busy day at work.