Black Faculty Cohort in Food, Forests and Bio(Fuels)

Black Faculty Cohort in Food, Forests and Bio(Fuels)

Posted on November 29, 2023

In support of its commitments to inclusive excellence in academia and research, the University of British Columbia has launched a Black Faculty Cohort Hiring Initiative (BFCHI) to recruit up to 23 Black scholars over the next four years.

The Faculty of Forestry and the Faculty of Land and Food Systems are excited to announce that we will be hiring three new faculty members in the areas of Food, Forests and Bio(Fuels).

There is an urgent global need to address questions about how to sustainably and equitably meet future demands for food, manufactured wood products, and energy, while maintaining biodiversity and ecological functions of forests and farmlands. The Faculties of Forestry and Land & Food Systems (LFS) Black Faculty Cohort Hire in Food, Forests and (Bio)Fuels would take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding these complex socio-ecological challenges and the future of bio-based systems. Through our existing interdisciplinary research programs, which include scholars in natural and social sciences, our two faculties are uniquely positioned to contribute meaningfully to addressing the role of bioenergy in meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, this cohort would further the two faculties’ capacity to address Sustainable Development Goals on Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Good Health and Well-Being, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Life on Land, and Zero Hunger.

Global challenges around food, forests, and (bio)fuels tie together the expertise of both faculties and bring together questions around technology, ecology, and policy that call for collaborative and interdisciplinary research to address economic, environmental, and social implications. We are hiring three new tenure-track research stream hires at the Assistant Professor level in the following areas:

  • One research faculty trained in the areas of natural resource economics, possibly including expertise in resource markets, technology adoption, econometrics, and ecological economics.
  • One research faculty trained in the areas of bioenergy, possibly including expertise in energy policy and governance, energy or land-use modeling, social impacts of energy, systems analysis, and energy transitions.
  • One research faculty trained in the areas of ecology, possibly including expertise in agroecology, soil science, microbial ecology and nutrient/carbon cycling, landscape ecology, and biodiversity monitoring.

We will be hiring for two positions to start July 1, 2024 and a third position for July 1, 2025. These will be joint appointments, with the successful candidate’s home Faculty being in either the Faculty of Forestry or the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, depending on their expertise.
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