Dietetics Major

hands chopping vegetablesThe Dietetics Major is a professional program designed to meet national accreditation standards for the dietetics profession. Graduates are eligible to practice as a registered dietitians upon application to a provincial regulatory body and successful completion of a national registration examination.

The program involves five total years of study:

  • Two prerequisite years
  • Three program years (final year in BC-based internship courses)

The curriculum includes general courses in both biological and social sciences, and specialized dietetics courses such as basic and applied human nutrition, food and food systems management, and professional dietetic practice.

In contrast to other nutrition-related majors offered by the Faculty, the Dietetics Major has specific applicant selection procedures geared to the needs of the profession and includes courses and practicum placements to assist students in developing skills for professional dietetic practice.

Please visit the Dietetics Major website for detailed information about the program.