Young Alumni Council Members

Young Alumni Council

Kimia Nozadi, President

Kimia Nozadi

BSc (Food Nutr) 2020

Kimia graduated from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems with an Honours BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health in 2020 and a MSc. in Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry from McGill University in 2021. Throughout her studies, Kimia volunteered with the Undergraduate Society and worked full-time within the legal sector. Following graduation, her efforts culminated in an 8-month placement with the World Food Programme where she repurposed staple crops into fortified “Mbala Pinda” nutrition bars and operationalized food fortification laws. Today, she is an Associate at Boyden Canada where she helps build management teams for a wide range of commercial, professional, governmental, and non-profit organizations.

Misa Gillis, VP Professional Development

Misa Gillis

BSc (Global Res Sys) 2020

Misa is very excited to connect with fellow LFS graduates through the new alumni council. She graduated from the faculty in 2020 with a degree in Global Resource Systems, having focussed her studies on health sciences, global nutrition, and Spanish. She did not stray far post-graduation, and remains at UBC, now studying medicine. Her interests lie in the health of individuals and communities – previous engagements have included public health research on the nutrient intake of Canadians, organizing workshops for medical students on social medicine topics, and working on a team to research and implement telemedicine services. She is looking forward to learning and growing in these next years with the Professional Development Sub-council. ​

Amira Abdulhadi, Professional Development Sub-Council

Amira Abulhadi

BSc (Food Nutr) 2020

Amira graduated from UBC in 2021 during the pandemic with a degree in food, nutrition, and health. Her time at UBC has made her realize her passion for community work and working with children. Amira is currently an assistant senior supervisor for a childcare centre where she supervises two programs. She is responsible for program planning, field trip planning, training and onboarding, working with staff and families, and working with outside organizations. Her primary goal at work is to support participants and their families in accessing high quality and accessible childcare that provides socially and emotionally rich activities.​

Ann Yang, Professional Development Sub-Council

Ann Yang

BSc (Food Nutr) 2022

Ann is an enthusiastic UBC alumna with a passion for making positive impacts within the community. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health at the start of 2022. Her dedication to improving the lives of others is shown in her past and present commitments in various fields. From being a strong advocate of mental health wellness, to helping students achieve academic success, she seeks every chance to support those around her. Ann also enjoys tackling new challenges, sharpening her skills, and broadening her horizons. Her openness and curiosity have continuously led her to diverse experiences and fresh perspectives. Although she is the most passionate about health and wellbeing, she values all opportunities for personal and professional development. From being the Project Manager at Campus Lightbox, to the Training Program Assistant at Kids Brain Health Network, she believes every experience presents unique learning opportunities.​​

Akshaya “AJ” Jayaseelan, VP Networking

Akshaya aj Jayaseelan​

MFS 2018

AJ identifies herself as a first-generation immigrant in Canada and this has largely shaped her unique perspectives and aspirations. She understands how valuable food is and most importantly, the safety behind it. Her goal is to minimize the challenges that curtails people having sustained access to safe and quality foods. Her academic background is food science and safety. She is currently working to grow Yoggu, a plant-based yogurt manufacturing start-up. Building quality systems, improving efficiency, and scaling up the company are her current professional goals. Alongside that, she has also equipped herself with a few auditing certifications to deepen her expertise:) To sum up, she is a curious and excited person who is striving to work on small goals one at a time.​​

Shenmiao “Ivy” Li​, Networking Sub-Council

Shenmiao Ivy Li​​

BSc (Food Nutr) 2017, MSc 2020

Shenmiao (Ivy) Li is excited to join the LFS Young Alumni Council as a member of the Networking Sub-Council. She earned her Bachelor of Science in 2017 and her Master of Food Science at UBC in 2022. Outside the classroom, Ivy was the student coordinator and secretary of the BC Food Protection Association from 2018 to 2020. At the core of her work, Ivy is responsible for organizing student-centred activities and seeks to help students build the relationships and transferable skills needed for their academic excellence and career paths. After graduating from UBC, Ivy continued her education at McGill University as a Ph.D. student in Food Science. Ivy continued her contributions to student professional development and networking as the student chair of the Chinese Association for Food Protection in North America. Staying involved with UBC has always been a priority to Ivy, so she is thrilled to be part of LFS Young Alumni Council.​​​

Patricia Debess Utrera​, Networking Sub-Council

Patricia Debess Utrera​​

BSc (Food Nutr) 2015

Patricia was born in Venezuela and moved to Canada as an international student in 2009. She graduated from the Nutritional Sciences program at UBC in 2015 and has worked in the food industry for 5 years. She was able to take opportunities in quality assurance and account management. Patricia currently works in human resources for the nonprofit sector and volunteers in her spare time for the Looking Glass Foundation.​

Jing Zhou​, Networking Sub-Council​

Jing Zhou​​​

MFS 2016

Jing graduated from MFS in 2016. She is now working as a Regulatory professional in the food and pharmaceutical industry. She is passionate about making contributions to her community and strives to assist individuals in helping them build connections and reaching their full potential.​​

Bhavana Rao, VP Entrepreneurship​

Bhavana Rao​​​

MFS 2016

Bhavana is a food scientist and a chemical engineer with a decade of experience in food, cannabis and natural health product industries. Working in various roles in different industries and countries has helped to identify the gaps in her education with regards to the business aspect. So, she has decided to come back to UBC to do her second Master’s degree in business! Through the Young Alumni Council, she wants to help bridge the gap between food entrepreneurs, current students and alumni.​​

Alina Hoosein​, Entrepreneurship Sub-Council​

Alina Hoosein​

BSc (Food Nutr) 2020

Alina graduated from the FNH program in 2020. She describes herself as a holistic wellness enthusiast, that is passionate about building skills and habits that allow the opportunity to build connection and resiliency. She enjoys talking to people about what their motivations are and what inspires them to achieve their goals.

Bisi Zhang​​, Entrepreneurship Sub-Council​

Bisi Zhang​​

BSc (Food Nutr) 2013

Bisi graduated from FNH in 2013 and returned to school for her Master’ of Global Entrepreneurial Management in San Francisco in 2017. Bisi has strong passion in wine that she worked at both frontline and backend in the wine and spirits industry. She is currently working for a domestic winery group and specializing in optimizing operations and opportunities through integrating business and market analysis. Bisi was actively participated during her time in UBC that she was the LFS MUG leader, LFS FROSH leader and VP and executives of two school clubs. Bisi is very excited to be one of the members at LFS Young Alumni Council; and she is ready to utilize her knowledge and skills to contribute at the Entrepreneurship Sub-Council. During her time at UBC, she enjoyed walking on the Main Mall Steet near MacMillan during the fall with beds of yellow, brown, and green leaves laying on the ground.​

Marcela Matamoros​, Community Engagement Sub-Council​

Marcela Matamoros​​​

BSc 2019

Marcela graduated from UBC in 2019 with Bachelor of Science in FNH, majoring in Food Market Analysis. Upon graduation, she began working at Amazon as Area Manager. She has been working with Amazon 4 years and has received 2 promotions with the company. During her time at UBC, she loved volunteering in different areas within LFS such as Agora Café, UBC Far and the Ace team.

Emily Peer-Groves​, Community Engagement​ Sub-Council

Emily Peer-Groves​​​

BScAB 2020

Emily graduated from UBC in 2020 where her studies focused on plant and soil science. She moved to the traditional territory of the Haida people. She cofounded Dirt Nerd Soil Co. in 2021 a community compost and soil fabrication enterprise. She’s currently working as the Haida Gwaii’s food strategist conducting community based

Nasime Sarbar​​, Community Engagement Sub-Council​

Nasime Sarbar​

BSc (Food Nutr) 2019

Nasime is a Registered Dietitian with BC Cancer. She graduated with a Nutritional Sciences degree in 2019 and jumped right back into it to complete her Dietetics degree in 2022. She is passionate about helping others and is grateful that she is in a position where she can do that through food and nutrition. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors (skiing or hiking, depending on the season), or going to the gym. Otherwise, she is likely watching the NBA or planning her next vacation. LFS is truly a tight-knit community, and Nasime is appreciative of her time at UBC.