Weaving Relations

Weaving Relations Course Overview and Enrolment

Weaving Relations is a 6-hour, self-directed course developed jointly by the Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Weaving Relations explores Indigenous histories, people, and contexts, as well as settler colonialism in Canada, through the lens of Indigenous-Canadian relationships. The course considers how we got to where we are now, and how we can build a better future together.

The course covers 7 core modules:

  1. Let’s Talk Language
  2. Let’s Talk Land
  3. Retracing Histories
  4. Harm is Not Historical
  5. Groundwork for Growth
  6. Building Our Anti-Racist Toolbox
  7. In Relation

Weaving Relations Videos

As part of the course, a video series was produced by the LFS Learning Centre, which features interviews from:

  • Chancellor Steven Point
  • Professor Sheryl Lightfoot
  • Professor Margaret Moss
  • LFS Associate Dean, EDI, Will Valley
  • Professor Madjid Mohseni
  • Professor John Bass

The interviews are part of each module, and provide an opportunity to hear from experts in the field on how they might approach key themes and questions related to the course content.

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