LFS Academic and Career Engagement Team


The LFS Academic and Career Engagement Team (ACE Team) focuses on delivering programming related to academic success and career development that allows participants to gain and apply relevant skills, be exposed to campus and Faculty-specific resources, and engage with their peers.


The ACE Team is a of group LFS students representing all four programs, they are invested in creating a sense of community and support in the areas of academics and career-related development opportunities for their peers.

Attend the ACE Team events that run throughout the year!



Tues Oct. 26 5pm-6pm (Vancouver time) Let’s Talk about Research
This event is focused on sharing experiences and ways for LFS Undergraduate students who were looking for research opportunities. Students learn about the various ways they can take part in research opportunities by hearing from other students who have participated in research.
Tues. Nov. 23 5pm-6pm (Vancouver time) Is Grad School Right for Me
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This event showcases the numerous possibilities and pathways that can lead up to graduate school. Panelists talk about their experience during their application and time in graduate school. Students also hear about what the graduate school application process looks like.
February 2022 Discover Your Major
This event brings program advisors/coordinators and senior year students together to answer questions students had about different majors offered in LFS.
Tues. March 15, 2022 Your LFS: Career Stories with Our Alumni
This event provides students with an opportunity to connect with alumni from the LFS Faculty and gain perspective on how our alumnus’ degrees helped them get to where they are. It is a great opportunity to get practice networking and build connections.



Thurs. Nov. 18th 5:00pm-6:30pm (Vancouver Time) Social Anxiety and Stress Management Workshop
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This workshop will focus on helping students manage stress, focusing on academic and social situations. Through multiple speaker presentations you will be introduced a variety of resources and activities to help manage your stress and anxiety. After this workshop we are confident that you will be able take away at least one anxiety management strategy!
February 2022 Design Your Major
Building off of the Discover Your Major event, this workshop will give students a bigger picture of all majors in LFS, by presenting summaries, highlights, and key considerations. Students will have the opportunity to think about their degree more holistically in regards to non-academic experiences and take part in activities inspired by Designing Your Life webinar presented by the UBC Centre for Student Involvement & Careers. Time will be allocated for a Q & A portion and students will leave this workshop with a collection of resources to support their further exploration.

More information to be released by December 2022.


Want to join the ACE Team?

Members of LFS ACE Team gain specific skills in the areas of project management and student development, increase their knowledge of student resources and outlets, and expand their friendships and professional relationships across the Peer Programs Network and the broader community of student leadership on campus.

Applications for team lead positions will open in March 2021 and applications for committee members will open in April 2021.

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Still Have Questions?

If you’re unsure about what opportunities will best help you meet your goals, we encourage you to visit LFS Student Services to meet with our student engagement officer, career strategist, academic advisor, or all three! We’ll help you narrow down your choices and share what we know about how to reach beyond campus to build your network.