LFS Academic and Career Engagement Team


The LFS Academic and Career Engagement Team (ACE Team) focuses on delivering programming related to academic success and career development that allows participants to gain and apply relevant skills, be exposed to campus and Faculty-specific resources, and engage with their peers.

Upcoming Events and Workshops





Wed. Nov. 29 5pm-7pm Agora Unlocking Your Confidence in Careers Workshop The event will introduce you to professors within the Faculty. Through your conversations with them you will learn more about different majors, courses and career options, all while enjoying a relaxing dinner. We will be raffling off some fun prizes during the event. RSVP for the event will be released a week before. Please note: Wednesday Night Dinner is $5 for all LFS students, make sure you bring a container for you to eat from.
Tues. Mar. 12th from 5:30pm-7:00pm Jack Poole Hall, Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre Career Stories with LFS Alumni Come connect and learn from LFS alumni working in various fields. Build your network and hear different stories from our Faculty’s alumni. The alumni are all experts in various fields and would love to share their perspectives and experiences. This will be a wonderful opportunity to gain insight and have your career-related questions answered.


The ACE Team is a group of LFS undergraduate students, they are invested in creating a sense of community and support in the areas of academics and career-related development opportunities for their peers.

The LFS ACE Events Committee is in-charge of planning various academic and career-related events that are catered towards LFS undergraduate students. The committee coordinates the entire event-planning process involves managing logistic details, reaching out to campus partners, and implementation of the events which are both in-person and virtual.

LFS ACE Events Committee 2022-2023

The LFS ACE Workshops Committee is focused on planning, coordinating and on occasion delivering various academic and career-related workshops. These workshops provide spaces for LFS undergraduate students to learn, develop and hone skills that they can leverage in their academic and career journeys.

LFS ACE Workshops Committee 2022-2023

The LFS ACE Communications Committee works closely with the Events and Workshops committees to create promotional material and communications collateral through different social media platforms for each event/workshop that is hosted by the team. They work with Canva to develop designs and graphics that can be used in multiple spaces.

LFS ACE Communications Committee 2022-2023


Want to join the ACE Team?

Members of LFS ACE Team gain specific skills in the areas of project management and student development, increase their knowledge of student resources and outlets, and expand their friendships and professional relationships.

Applications for the LFS ACE Team Lead and LFS ACE Student Leader roles are now closed.


Listen to an ACE alumna speak about their experience with the program and the impact it had on them


Still Have Questions?

If you’re unsure about what opportunities will best help you meet your goals, we encourage you to visit LFS Student Services to meet with our student engagement officer, career strategist, academic advisor, or all three! We’ll help you narrow down your choices and share what we know about how to reach beyond campus to build your network.