New Faculty Profile: Bruna Donatti Castro Falci

New Faculty Profile: Bruna Donatti Castro Falci

Bruna Donatti Castro Falci

Bruna Donatti Castro Falci joined the Food, Nutrition and Health Program as a Lecturer in June 2022, teaching in the Dietetics and the new Master of Nutrition and Dietetics programs. Before coming to Canada, she worked in clinical nutrition and as a Lecturer for 11 years in Brazil after earning her BSc in Nutrition Science at Centro Universitário Newton Paiva.

Donatti’s interest in nutrition sparked when she discovered how food choices can impact health in regards to prevention and treatment of many conditions. Yet not only is nutrition a human matter, but also a deep ecological concern from her perspective. To Donatti, ecology and human health are deeply integrated, as one inevitably affects the other.

“I’ve also been studying a lot about how our food choices impact the environment, how very small changes can make such a big impact on the environment.”

After receiving her MSc in Human Nutrition at McGill, Donatti worked as a clinical dietitian at McGill University Health Centre, where she supported patients’ recovery from upper GI and thoracic surgery. Donatti made sure that optimal nutrition was provided to her patients to maintain or re-establish their nutritional status, considering its significant influence on morbidity and mortality.

Having left McGill, Donatti has found her passion for teaching rekindled. She is excited to mold a new program at UBC, share her experience, and also see each of her students evolve into a mature professional.

“When we are sharing knowledge, we learn so much. I love to learn from the students and grow from their feedback. As a Lecturer, I love to see how the students evolve.”