Graduate Forms

Here you will find various forms that may be required for your program or degree.  If you have any questions or comments on these forms, please contact: Admissions & Administrative Coordinator (604.822.8373).

Funding Request form: (PDF) | (Word)
MSC Student Supervisory Committee Composition: (PDF) | (Word)
Committee Meeting Notes: (PDF) | (Word)
Approval by MSc Supervisory Committee to Proceed to Final Exam: (Word) | (PDF)
MSc Thesis Defense Committee Composition: (Word) | PDF
MSc Final Exam Chair's Report: (PDF) | (Word)
Master's Thesis Approval (PDF)
MSC Expectations Contract (PDF)
Funding Request form PDF | Word
Ph.D. Committee Meeting Report PDF | Word
PhD Supervisory Committee Composition PDF | Word
Comprehensive Examination For Doctoral Students: Instructions PDF
Comprehensive Examination For Doctoral Students:
Notice And Approval Of Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination Committee
PDF | Word
Chair's Report on the Doctoral Comprehensive Examination PDF
Recommendation for Advancement to Candidacy Online
Request for Extension to Time Allowed for Advancement to Candidacy Word
Doctoral Oral Examinations: Guide, Forms, Timeline and Orientation Online
Graduate Program Approval of Doctoral Dissertation for External Examination PDF
PhD Expectations Contract PDF