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We are grateful to our donors and community partners who help us achieve our mission. Donors help us advance our excellence in teaching, research and public service for the betterment of our region, province, nation and the world, and to support our students who are our leaders of tomorrow.

Your outstanding generosity and vision make it possible for us to contribute to a healthier environment and a better understanding of the relationship between food, diet, nutrition, and health.

Ways You Can Give

From making a donation to volunteering your energy to sharing your expertise with a group of students, your gifts make our program stronger and smarter. Kind of like you.


We grow our programs through the generous donations of generous alumni, community, and friends. If you are looking to support the Faculty with a donation, get in touch with us.


Mentor one of our students, read through some of the incredible applications we get to the faculty, or do a little digging on the Farm. There are lots of ways to volunteer.


Whether you want to inspire, persuade, compel or just engage, sharing your knowledge with our students is a great way to give.

How to Reach Us

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Development Officer

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Development Officer

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Development Coordinator

Make a Difference

Whatever your philanthropic passion may be—whether it is sustainable farming practices, feeding the world, healthy soil and water, organic agriculture, or health and nutrition—you can find a way to support it by giving to The Faculty of Land and Food Systems. We are grateful to have community partners who invest in our efforts in helping us find innovative solutions to the world’s most critical land and food systems’ challenges and to ensure that deserving students receive a top-quality education. Thank you for considering a gift to LFS. Discover your philanthropic passion here.