Faculty Advisory Board

(Chair) Parm Bains, President and CEO, Westberry Farms

Parm Bains graduated from UBC with a BSc. in Agricultural Sciences in 1979. Parm has worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, the private sector and as a consultant, and has served on many industry boards which are local, national and international in scope. In 1989 the family purchased a blueberry farm in Abbotsford and in 1997 Parm set up Westberry Farms – a processor/packer of blueberries that now markets fresh, frozen and other blueberry products globally. In 2009 Parm was recognized by the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) for his contributions in philanthropy and building community networks with a honorary Doctorate. From 2004 to 2006, Parm chaired and was instrumental in the effort to develop the BC Regional Innovation Chair on Canada-India Business and Economic Development, and the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at UFV. In 2006 Parm was the catalyst to initiate and develop a Centre for India-Canada Studies at Panjab University in Chandigarh, India. Currently he serves as the Chair for the US Highbush Blueberry Council.

Philip Donne, Former President, Campbell Company of Canada

Mr. Donne held the role of President of Campbell Company of Canada for 12 years and his background in the packaged goods industry includes over 15 years with Kellogg Canada Inc. as CEO in Canada, Italy and France. Philip’s business and marketing experience also includes senior positions at General Mills, Duracell Canada, and Coca Cola Foods. Mr. Donne has held Chair positions at Food and Consumer Products Canada, Advertising Standards Canada, The Association of Canadian Advertisers, Kids Help Phone and the Early Years Task Force on behalf of the Ontario government. He currently serves in an advisory board capacity on McGill University’s Centre For Convergence in Health and Economics and on the board of Stonemill Bakery. His personal volunteer focus is on Hunger and Nutrition insecurity.

Joseph Fung, Principal Director, Fairchild Capital Management

The Fairchild Group (FC) is a media, real estate and franchise empire. Joseph Fung joined the family business several years ago after working as a senior analyst for Morgan Stanley and PCCW, a communications technology company. The Fairchild Group has, over the past 25 years, grown into a transnational business institution with offices in China, Canada, United States and Japan, employing over 700 personnel. Founded by Thomas Fung, Fung King Hey’s eldest son, FG became an extension of SHK’s business network in North America. Unlike SHK’s focus on the financial markets, the Fairchild Group’s operations were initially in media and real estate. Their goal is to be the first investor in high growth companies that seek to create new niches in China’s Economy. They focus on seed-stage investing and take an operation-intensive, service-oriented approach. The Fairchild Group is part of an international organization that has helped grow over hundreds of projects since 1969. Their expertise is bringing global flair into China’s fast-paced business ecosystem. They leverage on the expertise from our various institutions and our global network. They partner with companies and their team brings decades of operating experience, market knowledge, and a global network to every company in the portfolio.

Arran Stephens, Co-CEO, Co-Founder, and Garden Keeper, Nature’s Path Food Inc.

Entrepreneur, artist, writer, ecology advocate, gardener, volunteer and meditation practitioner, Arran Stephens has passionately followed the beat of a distant drummer for seven decades. Arran and Ratana—his wife/partner of 45 years—share a profound commitment to organic agriculture, people and health. Together, from humble roots, they established Nature’s Path Foods in 1985, built on a foundation of social responsibility, sustainability and financial viability. Overcoming the odds, Nature’s Path has blossomed to become the largest organic breakfast and snack foods company in North America.

Jeffrey Turner, Special Advisor, Defyrus Inc.

Dr. Turner is a scientific entrepreneur with experience in academia and the life sciences industry. He was the founder, President & CEO of Defyrus Inc. and Nexia Biotechologies (TSX:NXB). In 2014, Defyrus led the Canadian commercial development of ZMapp™, the first successful experimental treatment of Ebola virus infections in North America, EU and Africa. In 2000, Nexia completed the largest Life Sciences IPO in Canadian history at that time. Turner was a tenured Professor of Animal Science (Dairy), McGill University and earned his Ph.D. (Animal Science/Molecular Genetics, Illinois), M.Sc. (Physiology & Biophysics; Illinois), M.Sc. (Physiology, McMaster) published >100 scientific paper & abstracts and 32 patents. His most significant technical contributions involved driving pioneering discoveries toward product commercialization via start-ups & publicly financed companies including; ZMapp™ 1st successful antibody drug to combat human Ebola virus infection, DEF201 broad spectrum antiviral that stimulates host immunity to protect against many viral pathogens; Protexia®: recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) a medical countermeasure with broad spectrum efficacy against nerve agents; BioSteel®: recombinant spider silk legendary for it unrivalled strength, toughness and flexibility useful for soft body armour and ultra-fine & strong medical devices (produced by transgenic goats); BELE® goats were the world’s first cloned dairy goats, reproductively active year round and “lab” sized transgenic dairy animals capable of producing biologically active recombinant proteins in their milk. Turner resides on a carbon-neutral farm in Eastern Ontario growing organic crops with nutriceutical properties.

Bernhard van Lengerich, Former Chief Scientific Officer, VP Technology Strategy, General Mills Inc.

After two apprenticeships as Baker and Pastry Chef in Germany, Dr. van Lengerich studied Cereal Science and Technology and completed his PhD in Food and Biotechnology at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany in 1984. His work experience includes employments at Unilever Germany, RJR Nabisco in New Jersey and Buehler AG in Switzerland. In 1994 Dr. van Lengerich joined General Mills, Inc. in Minneapolis and has been Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President for technology strategy. During the course of his career at General Mills he led the development of numerous technologies resulting in new ingredients and process technologies that enabled major new product introductions at General Mills. His responsibilities also included leadership of a Game Changer program and creation of a novel ‘Cashless Venturing and Disruptor’ initiative. He retired in March 2015 after more than 20 years with General Mills and is now a strategic advisor.

Dr. van Lengerich is the inventor of over 100 patents and patent applications and authored many scientific articles and several book chapters on food processing, systems analysis and food extrusion. He was awarded with a Honorarium Professorship at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany where he teaches and leads an active research program, he is adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists and serves on the Executive Board for the Technology Platform “Food for Life” at the European Union in Brussels.

Meeru Dhalwala, Co-Owner, Vij’s & Rangoli Restaurants

Meeru Dhalwala LLD’16 is the talented author, chef and entrepreneur behind the renowned restaurants Vij’s and Rangoli. She was instrumental in the Save the UBC Farm campaign and founded the Joy of Feeding events at UBC Farm. Meeru is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems Social Innovation working group. Meeru is also a passionate advocate for human rights and sustainable food systems. She has worked to create large networks of local farmers and suppliers; to provide respectful employment opportunities for immigrant women, and to provide leadership to local sustainability organizations and is currently a judge for Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer Program. Meeru is also working to start a multi-faculty, interdisciplinary clean drinking water project with various and as yet to be determined faculties at UBC.

Wes Shoemaker, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture

Wes’s career has always been about safety: a safe environment, a safe food supply, public safety.

On July 18, 2017, Wes was appointed for a second time as the Deputy Minister responsible for the BC Ministry of Agriculture.

Prior to this, he had served for four and a half years as the Deputy Minister for Environment, a ministry focused on protecting our climate, our water, our wilderness and our public. Before Environment, Wes served as Deputy Minister for Agriculture and for the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the ministry responsible for the government’s emergency management, road safety and consumer protection programs. As Deputy Minister for Public Safety, he led the Integrated Public Safety planning and service delivery for the extremely successful 2010 Olympic Games. From 1998 to 2006, Wes was the City of Winnipeg Fire & Paramedic Chief where he led a major service integration of the former fire and ambulance departments.

Justin Henry, Aquaculture Consult Inc.

Justin completed his bachelor degree in Aquaculture at the University of British Columbia in Canada and then moved to Denmark for his masters degree in Aquaculture Biotechnology at Aalborg University. He went on to complete the Executive Development Program at Queens University in Canada and is a Registered Professional Biologist in British Columbia. His experience includes culturing multiple species, including salmonids and sturgeon, in multiple systems including land based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), re-use, flow through, and net pen production in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He has been working with RAS since 1995. His R&D expertise includes the development of monosex female populations in salmonids, feed management trials, vaccine trials, production optimization, and new product development. He has numerous publications on a broad range of aquaculture subjects.

David Farrar, Provost and Vice-President (Academic) at McMaster University

Dr. Farrar has held several roles in University senior administration. From 2007 to 2015, he served as the Provost and Vice-President Academic at the University of British Columbia (UBC). During university presidential transition at UBC from 2015 to 2016, he served first as Advisor to the Interim President and then as Interim President and Vice-Chancellor of UBC.Dr. Farrar came to UBC from the University of Toronto where he served as Deputy-Provost and Vice-Provost Students with responsibility for all central enrolment, student affairs and student service activities. Dr. Farrar received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Toronto, and his doctorate from the University of Western Ontario. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge and a faculty member at the University of Toronto for 26 years. He has authored or co-authored over 80 technical papers, holds five patents, and has supervised more than 25 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Farrar has served on several Boards.

Katherine (Katie) Koralesky, LFS Graduate Student Council President

Graduate Student Representative

Katherine (Katie) Koralesky received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has worked on farms in the United States and abroad, including three years in Togo, where she served as an agricultural extension agent in the United States Peace Corps. She came to UBC to start her MSc in Applied Animal Biology in the Animal Welfare Program in 2015. For her MSc, she used a mixed methods approach to understand how dairy farmers make end-of-life decisions for their cows, especially when prognosis is poor and animals are acutely injured. This work resulted in the development of recommendations for making such decisions at a policy and farm level. For her PhD, Katie has continued work in animal welfare law and policy, and currently, is conducting a project on how dairy farmers develop and use standard operating procedures on their farms. She will also investigate different approaches and tools used in animal welfare law enforcement in Canada. In addition to her studies, Katie is a teaching assistant for a number of applied animal biology courses. She also volunteers weekly at the SPCA where she coordinates dog walking volunteers. Katie is the 2018/2019 LFS Graduate Student Council President. She looks forward to serving all LFS graduate students by giving them a voice on the faculty advisory board, as well as planning workshops and other events for students.

Megan Leong, LFS Undergraduate Society President, Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Undergraduate Student Representative

Megan Leong is a fourth-year Nutritional Sciences student, minoring in Kinesiology who is also the 2018/2019 Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society (LFS|US) President. Her role consists of overseeing and providing support to the LFS|US Council and serving as the voice and representative on behalf of the LFS student body in meetings and events across campus. Leading up to Megan’s role as President, she has been part of the LFS|US for the past two years holding multiple roles and showing leadership in other AMS Clubs such as AMS Events, UBC Food Society, LFS Firsts, and as an Orientation Leader for LFS. In addition to her role as President this year, Megan is also working full-time at her co-op placement in Vancouver for The Mark Anthony Group as a Quality Intern, which she loves! In the future, Megan would like to work in Product Development for a Food and Beverage Company, or work with professional athletes as a Sports Nutritionist.