Explore your career options through a program designed to empower you to develop networking skills that will open the doors to new connections and future career opportunities. With our wide range of mentors from diverse backgrounds, you’ll gain invaluable insights and guidance to navigate your career journey.

Why be a mentee?

By helping you to identify and practice communicating your strengths, values and interests, the LFS Mentorship Program will enable you to more easily grow your network and gain confidence talking to new people about your skills and career ambitions. We hope you will also find inspiration to inform your career decisions. Recognizing that you are busy with school and many other responsibilities, our program offers flexibility and accessibility.

Seize this opportunity to access insider knowledge by joining the LFS Mentorship Program and embarking on a path to clarify your career goals and gain confidence for your future success!  

As a mentee, you will be provided with opportunities to:

  • Leverage your existing knowledge and strengths while developing new ones by engaging with both peers and working professionals.  
  • Take part in professional development activities such as informational interviews, LinkedIn webinars and resume-building workshops.  
  • Embrace an open mind set by connecting and learning with individuals who may not share the same degree or career aspirations.  
  • Broaden your perspectives, embrace new ideas and take on opportunities in a safe and inclusive learning community.  
  • Cultivate a systems-based thinking approach that allows you to better identify and develop the various connections and networks necessary for your career pathway.

Make connections in the professional community and start developing your industry know-how by signing up for the LFS Mentorship program.

Applications are closed for the 2023 Program. Applications will open in August 2024 for the 2024-2025 Program.