Up-to-the-Minute FAQs


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Here is where you’ll find the information to satisfy your burning questions. While some content on this page will stay the same, we’re always updating it with new material to reflect what you have questions about depending on the time of year.

Program Info

The Dietetics team has posted some helpful information on their website here.

Learn more about the differences between internships, practicums, and directed studies here.

Learn about how to switch your major here.

Academic Concessions

If you have missed an exam, please visit here for more information. Be aware, students who miss exams for any reason will need to provide documentation supporting their need to miss and/or defer their exam.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your doctor or appropriate medical professional. If your medical emergency is going to impact your academics, you can find very specific instructions about what to do next here.

If you are experiencing a challenging personal issue, please review this website for instructions on what to do next. You may also wish to seek out support from UBC Counselling Services, or utilize the Empower Me program.

Finances, Awards & Scholarships

You can find general and LFS-specific information here, but please check this website for further information.

There are some scholarships available through UBC as well as some external scholarships. For helpful information on available UBC scholarships, please click here.

Each scholarship or award has its own eligibility criteria - please read the criteria carefully. You can read more about specific scholarships and awards here.

If you are having financial difficulties, it is important to speak with your Enrolment Services Professional directly. You can find out who your ESP is by following the instructions here.

An ESP is an Enrolment Services Professional - All undergraduate students in a degree program at UBC have a dedicated ESP to help you navigate UBC, from making a budget or applying for student loans to understanding UBC regulations and processes. You can find more information about this here.

If you have questions about your student loan eligibility, it is best to speak with your Enrolment Services Professional. There is helpful course load guide here as well.

Transfer Students/Transfer Credits

  • Learn about how your transfer credits are assessed and applied here and here.
  • If you are Year 2 standing and have declared a major/specialization, logging on to your Degree Navigator will show you how your transfer credit have been applied to your degree at UBC. Please note, while Degree Navigator is a very useful tool, transfer credits can occasionally be placed incorrectly. If you believe this is the case, please contact LFS Student Services to remedy the situation.
  • If you have not yet declared a major, you can also view your transfer credits through your Student Service Centre (SSC) under Grades & Records. You’ll need to choose ‘UBC-V’ as the campus, to accurately see your transfer credits.

This is a type of transfer credit called unassigned credit. Unassigned credit may be granted when course-to-course equivalency cannot be established. The name “PHIL” indicates which course code the course is most equivalent to at UBC (in this case, Philosophy). The “2nd” indicates what year level the credit has been assigned (in this case, it is a second year or 200-level equivalent course). The number in parentheses (3) indicates how many transfer credits you have been awarded for that course. Learn more about Transfer Credit definitions here.

  • Please find information on IB and AP transfer credit on the UBC Calendar here.
  • Please find information related to A-level transfer credits here.
  • You can also learn more about receiving first-year credit here.

If you are a transfer student into LFS, you are not required to take LFS 100 001. However, you must complete an exemption quiz in order to waive this requirement – therefore please register for LFS 100 XMT when you register for courses in June/July. You must be registered in LFS 100 XMT to receive information about the LFS 100 Exemption Quiz. An "exemption" is not the same as "credit". You will still need to complete the university's required number of credits for the degree program you are pursuing. Therefore, you may need to make up this 1 credit to meet your graduation requirements.

  • The LFS 100 exemption quiz is an exam that transfer students are eligible to complete so that they don’t need to actually take LFS 100 (a course that is designed for first-year students new to university life). Transfer students who are eligible to take this exam must register for LFS 100 XMT during their registration period, and will then be sent instructions in August of how to complete the exam online.
  • If you would rather attend LFS 100 001 even if you are eligible for the exemption quiz, you may do so and register for a regular section of LFS 100.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are required to maintain a minimum credit load this year for reasons such as student loans, student housing, awards/scholarships, etc., please consider your eligibility requirements before electing to take the LFS 100 exemption quiz. If you are unsure if you meet these requirements please contact LFS Student Services. International students with student loan funding are encouraged to contact Student Services regarding the LFS 100 Exemption Quiz.

Please see UBC’s maximum allowable transfer credit policy here. Generally, no more than 60 credits may be transferred or 50% of required program credits.

While you were a UBC student during your time studying in another program, the same maximum allowable transfer credit policy (as above) does apply. Students must complete a minimum of 50% of their required program credits in both the program and Faculty they wish to graduate from.