Soil Science

Professor, Applied Biology
phone: 6048222730
fax: 6048222184
work phone: 6048225965
Professor, Applied Biology (Appointed Jointly with UBC Forestry)
phone: 6048223716
fax: 6048229102
Canada Research Chair in Soil Microbial Ecology
phone: 6048225928
Associate Professor, Applied Biology/Forest and Conservation Sciences
phone: 6048220252
fax: 6048222184
Honorary Research Associate (Les Lavkulich)
phone: 6048225965
Research Associate (Andrew Black)
phone: 6048229119
phone: 6048222184
Assistant Professor, Applied Biology & Soil Science
Junior Chair, Agriculture and the Environment
phone: 6048222795
fax: 6048222184
Academic Coordinator, MLWS Program
phone: 6048226360
fax: 6048226394
Associate Professor Emeritus, Applied Biololgy
Professor Emeritus, Applied Biology
phone: 6048224426
fax: 6048226901
Program Director, Global Resource Systems
Academic Director, Master of Land and Water Systems
Professor Emeritus
phone: 6048223477
fax: 6048222184
Professor Emeritus
Senior Research Engineer, Biometeorology & Soil Science
phone: 6048223479
fax: 6048222184
Professor Emeritus