LFS Mentorship Program

The LFS Mentorship Program (formally the LFS Tri-Mentoring Program) creates networking opportunities with students, alumni and professionals. By exchanging their unique skills and strengths, students hone professional skills and build their network which they can leverage in their career journey.

The 2019-2020 Mentorship Program at a glance

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Be a part of the LFS Mentorship Program

LFS has the longest running Mentorship Program at UBC that connects students with working professionals and this year will be the Program’s 20th year. The Program aims to provide a starting point for building a systems-based approach to career. The primary intent of our Mentorship Program is to provide opportunities to better understand yourself by hearing other people’s stories and experiences and then applying you takeaways to the context of your own unique career. LFS Mentorship allows students to “ground theoretical knowledge in a concrete experience and have the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals who have lived experience” (LFS 250) in a casual setting. This career development opportunity provides both mentors and mentees with the ability to grow their network, see potential options for their careers, and develop skills and tools through the asset-based model. Since 2001, the LFS Mentorship Program has focused on:

  • Providing students with the opportunity to leverage their previous knowledge and strengths while engaging with a peer and a working professional; to practice peer-to-peer coaching through development of professional skills such as interview and CV preparation.
  • Providing working professionals with the opportunity to directly shape future professionals by mentoring students while also learning from the knowledge and strengths students bring. Moreover, they have the opportunity to hone their coaching and mentoring skills and further their own professional development.
  • Embracing an open mindset to connect and learn with people who do not share the same degree and career aspirations.
  • Developing a systems thinking approach to career helping identify and build different realtionships and processed needed for one’s career pathway.

We are excited that the program will be running online this year and participation will be completely virtual, so you can be involved no matter where you are living in the world. Mentor applications for the 2020-2021 program are now closed. Mentee applications for the 2020-2021 program are now closed. Check out this article on how one of our mentors helped LFS students navigate the real-world job market!

In line with regularly updated advice from UBC, the provincial and federal health agencies, the LFS Mentorship Program is delivering programming online in both Term 1 (September – December 2020) and Term 2 (January – April 2021). This means that all orientations, mentorship group meetings (including smaller group and peer-to-peer), events and other informal meet-ups, are required to be hosted online, and not in-person. We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in adhering to guidelines and thank you for doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Professional Development and Beyond

Past Mentors and Mentees

Students and mentors who have participated in the program in the past have had great experiences where they have been able to leverage their skills and experiences to develop connections with their mentors/mentees. The knowledge shared between all those involved creates the opportunity to deepen understanding of potential career paths and learning from other’s experiences. The LFS Mentorship Program provides students with more confidence in how they approach their career journeys and mentors to hone their mentoring skills while giving back to the LFS community.


Still Have Questions?

Connect with Thilini Leitan, Student Engagement Officer at lfs.mentorship@ubc.ca.