LFS Undergraduate Students & COVID-19 Impacts

LFS Undergraduate COVID-19 Updates

Hello LFS!

We are facing what will likely be one of our generation’s most significant challenges, and there is uncertainty for all of us as this situation evolves. As LFS students, you know that in order to solve complex issues it takes time, as well as the collective efforts of all of us to find solutions, and support each other to get through this as a community.

On behalf of the Faculty, we want to reassure you that we are making decisions on a daily basis in collaboration with and under the direction of our campus colleagues. We know you’re anxious to get answers quickly, and appreciate your patience and understanding as some of these decisions require time to review and implement. The team in LFS Student Services is committed to supporting you to close out this term while meeting your academic goals as best we can.

Information is changing rapidly, so we encourage you to monitor these official channels of communication:

  • Emails directly from UBC
  • UBC Messaging
  • LFS Website
  • HERE – we will be using this space to communicate timely and important information for all you

Thank you for your patience as we continue to modify our services and implement these changes during this extraordinary situation. We hope that you and the people you love stay safe and healthy.


Pursuing an Academic Concession?


In order to help you make decisions which best align with your academic and personal goals, we have created this flow chart. The choices you make about each of your current courses could each have a different result, so it’s important that you take some time to carefully review our exceptional end-of-term options, as well as read through the FAQ page before you take any additional steps.


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Answers to Your FAQs


You’ve got questions, we’ve got some answers!

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from you by email. We will continue to add to this list as new questions come forward, and will be updating the responses as new decisions are confirmed. Every time we add new content to this page, we will update the date below, so check back frequently as things are changing quickly!

Thanks LFS for your continued patience and understanding as we help you navigate this difficult time.

Last updated: March 31, 2020


Questions about Academic Concession

An Academic Concession is an academic exception or extension that is formally granted to you by your instructor or by LFS Student Services when you encounter unexpected events or circumstances that impact your ability to participate in or complete your academics.

For a deeper dive into this practice that applies for all students in all terms, please refer to the LFS Student Services website.

What is different this term, is that there are exceptional academic concession decisions (permitting the switch to Cr/D/Fail after a grade is posted, or late withdrawal from a course after a grade is posted, etc.) which will be permitted for students impacted by COVID-19 this term only. Please see the Questions/Answers in the accordions below for the details.

The LFS Academic Concession request form can be found here.

Please note that the deadline to request all Academic Concessions for courses concluding in Term 2 of the 2019 Winter Session is Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Yes! If you are requesting Cr/D/Fail or a late withdrawal for a course concluding this term, as a result of COVID-19, your Academic Concession request will be approved. If you are requesting an academic concession that is unrelated to COVID-19, and have indicated that in the form, we will evaluate your request as we always do, and follow up with you directly to confirm if your request has been approved.

For most requests, you will not be required to submit additional documentation. The LFS Academic Concession request form has a built-in Student Self-Declaration, which is appropriate documentation for COVID-19 related requests.

All undergraduate students in a degree program have a dedicated Enrolment Services Advisor to help you navigate UBC, from making a budget or applying for loans, to understanding UBC regulations and processes.

If you have any questions regarding potential Cr/D/Fail or late W impacts on loans, scholarships, or bursaries, please reach out to them directly.

If you don't know who your ES Advisor is, log onto the SSC, and find them under "Personal Info" > "UBC Contacts".

Great idea! We expect that for many of you, the best path forward will be to continue in your courses and accept the grade assigned upon course completion.

Waiting until your final grade is available is a good idea to see if a concession request is even necessary - for most of your classes, you may be most happy with the grade, as assigned. Waiting allows for you to focus on your courses now, and make the most informed decision that most closely aligns with your academic goals and personal circumstances once the grade is posted. In the event that you are significantly impacted by this situation, we welcome you to submit the LFS Academic Concession request form.

We want to assure you that if you are experiencing additional or different challenges that are impacting your academic attendance or performance, you are still able to apply for Academic Concession as per the grounds listed in UBC's Academic Concession policy. This includes impacts related to 1) medical circumstances, 2) compassionate grounds or 3) a conflicting responsibility. If you have a circumstance you would like an LFS Academic Advisor to be made aware of, please fill out the LFS Academic Concession request form, and add the information under the "Additional Extenuating Circumstances" section.


Questions about Credit/D/Fail

Credit/D/Fail is a grading scheme that would replace a % grade with either a Cr, D or F standing on your academic record (transcript).

  • “Cr” (credit): when the instructor-assigned grade is 55% or higher. Degree credit is earned.
  • “D”: when the instructor-assigned grade is between 50 and 54.9%. Degree credit is earned.
  • “F” (fail): when the instructor-assigned grade is below 50%. Degree credit is not earned.

You can learn more about this practice here; please note, that for this term only, some of the current restrictions on the application of this form of credit are being relaxed to respond to the current circumstances related to COVID-19. See the other FAQs for additional info.

Typically students are not permitted to use a Cr/D/Fail course towards their degree requirements or restricted electives. However, for this term only, students will be permitted to use a Cr/D/Fail course towards their LFS degree requirements and/or restricted electives, including those courses being taken for year level promotion. This includes courses taken in either Term 2, or Term 1-2 (full year) of the 2019 Winter Session.

Cr/D/Fail courses are not normally taken into consideration when computing your sessional average. This means that in mid-May, when LFS Student Services completes Sessional Evaluations, we will only include courses that have a % grade in our calculations. If UBC comes out with a different policy for this year, we will be sure to update the answer to this question.

We don’t have the answer to this quite yet - please continue to check here for an update.

For questions specific to our Dietetics program, please refer to the Dietetics FAQ section below.

If you are applying to a program outside of UBC (including both undergraduate and post-graduate programs), please check with that institution directly. Our policies are specific to UBC undergraduate programs only.

We don’t have the answer to this quite yet - please continue to check here for an update.

At this time, we are not sure. We have not received confirmation from UBC if any current policies regarding %-graded credit minimum thresholds will be amended to accommodate for changes to academic records this term. We will be sure to update you as soon as we have more information. You can also contact your Enrolment Services Advisor with any specific concerns or questions.


Questions about Late Withdrawal

A late withdrawal is a type of Academic Concession that removes you from a course and replaces the final grade with a ‘W’ standing on your transcript.

A ‘W’ on your transcript indicates that you have attempted a course and have chosen to withdraw from it within university guidelines. A ‘W’ is not calculated into your overall GPA or continuation evaluation.

If you choose to withdraw from a course that is required for your degree or is a prerequisite for a future course, you will be required to retake this course in a future session as you will not receive credit for a course with a ‘W’ standing.

UBC is not issuing refunds for 2019 Winter Session late withdrawals (W) processed in response to COVID-19.


Questions about Dietetics

Normally, Cr/D/Fail is not permitted for course prerequisites for admission into Dietetics. For courses completed in this term only, Dietetics will permit a maximum of 6 credits of Cr/D/Fail standing courses towards Dietetics prerequisite courses. These credits will be considered acceptable to fulfill the prerequisite(s), and the Dietetics admission average will be calculated omitting these courses.

Again, for this term only, if you choose Cr/D/Fail for a required upper-level FNH course in Dietetics, it will be considered to have met the minimum grade requirements if you receive 'Credit' (Cr) for the course. A 'D' or 'Fail' standing will require you to repeat the course to meet the minimum grade requirement.


Other Questions

Congratulations! We’re so proud of all of our LFS grads.

We will be prioritizing requests from graduating students, and will be working closely with Enrolment Services to ensure that your degree will be conferred on time, and you are not negatively impacted by these changes.

On March 25, President Ono announced that Summer Term 1 (running May 11 – June 18) will transition to online delivery.

In LFS, this means that our instructors are carefully reviewing their in-person courses and identifying which can successfully be adapted to an online format. Those that can transition to online formats, will, and those that cannot transition to online formats will be cancelled.

  • If your class is cancelled, you will be notified by email before the start of term.
  • If your class is being modified to an online format, your instructor will contact you before class begins.

As always, you will have an option once the term begins to withdraw from the class if the new format doesn’t work for you. Please be mindful of the add/drop deadline.

The University has not yet made a decision about Summer Term 2. All students will be notified when that decision has been made by email. This website will also be updated as new information becomes available.

UBC Health & Wellbeing is a coordinated spot to find resources for managing your mental and physical health during the COVID-19 outbreak. Resources include an expanded list of services, guidance for you and others, as well as informative articles.

UBC Wellness Centre has moved their services online! Access up-to-date health education and information, learn more about health-related resources available both on and off campus, access tips and strategies for your wellbeing as a student, and hear from your peers.

EmpowerMe is a free 24/7 multilingual mental health support service that connects students with counsellors and life coaches for mental health, social, financial, and nutritional needs.

Campus Lightbox is a student’s guide to UBC’s mental health resources ranging from peer support to professional help.


Contact LFS Student Services

If, after reading through this information, you still have questions, you are welcome to contact an Academic Advisor in LFS Student Services. We thank you in advance for your patience as our volumes are higher than normal under these extraordinary circumstances.


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