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Congratulations on your offer of admission to LFS at UBC! We look forward to meeting you and helping you prepare for what lies ahead. You’re invited to join us at our Virtual Spring Welcome Events.

Meet LFS students, staff, and profs: at every session, you’ll have the chance to ask questions through interactive Q&As and connect with our programs and our people.

Time Zones: session times are posted in Vancouver time (PST). You can convert to your time zone here.

Zoom: all sessions are hosted on Zoom. Links to each session are provided in the accordions below (the password is always 12345), and will be active during the time of the event only.

Questions? If you have trouble registering or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: lfs.ambassador@ubc.ca

We can’t wait to connect with you!

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You have your offer of admission, now what? At this session, you will get to know more about the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, your program, and what comes next. Meet Dean, Rickey Yada, and hear from LFS academic advising staff, current students and instructors who will share their passions with you and help you prepare for your first year. You will leave this session informed, prepared, and excited. We'll also answer your questions through an interactive Q&A.

If you've received an email invitation to these sessions from our colleagues in Student Recruitment and Advising, you do not need to register here. If you did not receive an invitation, you can register here - you must have an offer of admission to an LFS program for 2021 to join, however.

View & download a PDF with next steps for admitted students that will be reviewed in this presentation

  • Tuesday, April 27 Session: Facilitated by LFS Academic Advisors, current students and Barbara Stefanska, Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Thursday, May 6 Session: Facilitated by LFS Academic Advisors, current students and Daniel Weary, Professor, Animal Welfare Program and NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare

When: (click the link below to access the Zoom room on the corresponding date and time - password: 12345)

Join LFS students as they partner with their favourite professors for an engaging, yet informal, discussion on the LFS academic experience. In this session, you will have the opportunity to ask LFS profs questions about the classes they teach, their research and work experience, the expectations they have for university students, and other aspects of what studying in LFS is like. Please feel free to come prepared with some questions you would like to ask them.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to select one of two Zoom breakout rooms to be put into, either the Applied Biology program breakout room, OR the Food, Nutrition, and Health program breakout room. Profs will be in the breakout room of their corresponding program.

Food, Nutrition, and Health professors:

  • Nutrition: Gail Hammond, Assistant Professor of Teaching, with Lucy Hoang (year 4 Dietetics student)
  • Food Science: Patricia Hingston, Assistant Professor of Teaching, with Melanie Liu (year 3 Dietetics student)

Applied Biology professors:

  • Applied Animal Biology: Marina von Keyserlingk, Professor, with Bryna Turk (year 3 Applied Animal Biology student)
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: Sean Smukler, Associate Professor, with Cara LeGault (year 4 Sustainable Agriculture and Environment student)

When: (click the link below to access the Zoom room on the corresponding date and time - password: 12345)

Land One is an exciting 1st-year program for students in both the Faculty of Land & Food Systems & the Faculty of Forestry. If you're looking for an integrated experience and the opportunity to learn in a smaller cohort, join Fernanda Tomaselli (Land One Coordinator and Instructor), Advisors from both LFS and Forestry, and students who completed Land One in their first year to learn more. Read up on Land One here: applications are due May 31, so attending a session will be a great opportunity to get all your questions answered before you apply.

When: (click the link below to access the Zoom room on the corresponding date and time - password: 12345)

What does an economic system have to do with animal welfare, public nutrition, and producer livelihoods? In this workshop, learn about supply management: Canada’s controversial policy framework that controls the price and production of poultry and dairy products, and how it affects much more than the price of milk.

Facilitated by: Bryna Turk, Year 3 Applied Animal Biology Student

When: (click the link below to access the Zoom room on the corresponding date and time - password: 12345)

There has been a recent upsurge of food marketing with plant-based alternatives. Why? Well, eating plant-based is becoming more popular, whether it’s for environmental, ethical, or health reasons. On the other hand, there are also health, socio-economic or cultural reasons for eating meat. This workshop allows students to connect their learning and critically evaluate these factors from a multidisciplinary Land and Food Systems perspective.

Facilitated by: Lucy Hoang, Year 4 Dietetics Student and Melanie Liu, Year 3 Dietetics Student.

When: (click the link below to access the Zoom room on the corresponding date and time - password: 12345)

Curious about what a day in the life of an LFS student looks like, or about the transition to post-secondary? Whatever questions you may have about the student experience, sign up for a one-on-one Zoom call with one of our LFS Student Ambassadors, Melanie, Bryna, or Lucy, and they can help to answer them. Click below to see each of their availabilities and to schedule a session.

Pop in your ear buds and listen to these excellent podcasts featuring LFS faculty and students.

UBC Unique Programs

On this episode of the Comprehensive Canadian University Guide (a podcast for students, by students), LFS Student Lucy Hoang (year 4 Dietetics) joins a panel of UBC Recruiter-Advisors and other UBC students. They discuss everything from academics and student life, to co-op, admissions and more!


Blue and Goldcast

Join UBC President and Vice Chancellor Santa Ono as he chats with Will Valley, Associate Professor of Teaching, Stephanie Lim, Community Relations Coordinator, Tatyana Daniels, Research Assistant and Dietetics student, and Kevin Huang, Executive Director of the Hua Foundation about "how the Faculty of Land and Food Systems is integrating anti-racist and social equity frameworks into the natural sciences, while partnering with communities along the way."


LFS 400 - the Podcasting Course!

Yes, you read that right - LFS has a podcasting course - LFS 400. If you're interested in podcasts as an educational tool, and want your voice to be heard, make sure you register in LFS 400 one day. Listen to podcasts on a range of topics, such as food insecurity, food waste, urban beekeeping, probiotics and more! Check out the student-generated content from past years, and explore more about this course here.


Got Questions?

Whether you’ve got questions about your program, your experience or your next steps, we are here for you as is the team of Academic Advisors in LFS Student Services. Please reach out for assistance.