Totem Plant Science Field Station

Totem Field is a centrally located Research Field in the heart of Vancouver’s UBC campus. It has been used throughout the years for many types of research. From short term projects, to very long term projects, Totem Field is an excellent site for research and teaching. Our diverse soil types range from rich and Loamy to dry and desert like. We have adaptive irrigation capacity from drip line to overhead. We are here to lease space for all research and teaching purposes.

Our Mission

To support, facilitate and promote research and learning within Totem Plant Science Field Station.

Land Usage Capacities

Special Irrigation requests can be made but may depend on the duration of the experiment, and the amount of warning. Different soil types are available throughout the research field; rich loamy soils to dry sandy soils. The adaptability of the research space is our strength.

Booking Space

To book Research Space available, please contact:

Glen Healy | Totem Field Technician 2613 West Mall | Vancouver BC Canada V6T 1Z4 | Phone 604 822-2528 |

Melina Biron | Greenhouse Research Manager 6394 Stores Road | Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4 | Phone 604 822-3283 |

Where to Find Us

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