Analytical Core Facility



LC-MS analysis using our Agilent 6530B LC-qTOF system. This instrument can provide high resolution MS1 and MS2 scans of target analytes. It is routinely used for the detection and quantification of low-abundance natural products in crude extracts.

GC-MS analysis with our Agilent GC-MS instruments can reliably detect and quantify trace levels of volatile compounds in crude mixtures. These instruments are regularly used for the quantification of terpenes.

GC-MS (Headspace or SPME) analysis, with these autosamplers we can assess static headspace or SPME concentrated volatiles using GC-MS systems. This is a technique regularly used for the analysis of important flavor compounds in wine and grapes.

GC-MS-ODP analysis is a technique that couples highly sensitive mass spectrometry with sensory data using an olfactometry detection port. This technique is often used in flavor and perfume analysis, product development, and sensory studies.

GC-MSMS analysis on our Agilent GC-triple quad can be used for trace level analysis of target analytes using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM). This is a widely used technique for trace analysis of environmental contaminants such as pesticides in plant tissue.

HPLC (DAD, UV, RID, FLD) analysis is a robust technique used for reliable quantification and detection of compounds. We regularly use HPLC methods for the quantification of sugars, amino acids, small organic acids, and carotenoids. This is often an excellent instrument method for the initial screening of enzyme assays.


Instrument Model
LC-qTOF Agilent 6530B with Agilent 1290 LC stack
GC-MS Agilent 6890 GC with a 5975 MS
GC-MSMS Agilent 7890 GC with a 7000A triple quad
GC-MS-HS Agilent 6890 GC with a 5975 MS and an autosampler for HS or SPME
GC-MS-ODP Agilent 6890 GC, a Gerstel ODP4, and 5973 MS, and a HS autosampler
HPLC-DAD-RID Agilent 1260 binary pump stack with RID and DAD detectors
HPLC-DAD-FLD Agilent 1260 quaternary pump stack with FLD and DAD detectors

All fees are charged per sample:

Services UBC External Academic External Non-Academic
GC-MS (MS or MSMS) / per run $20.00 $26.00 $40.00
HPLC (DAD, RID, FLD) / per run $17.00 $22.10 $34.00
LCMS (qTOF) $25.00 $32.50 $50.00
User Training $120.00 $156.00 Inquire
Staff Services** / per hour $100.00 $130.00 $200.00

**Discounts on more than 50 runs per billing period

** ie. method development, data-processing, formal consultation (does not include general advice or assistance)

Note: If you assist the facility in acquiring new equipment, you may qualify for special ACF member rates. Please contact the facility manager for more information about membership.


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