Food And Resource Economics Group


The Food and Resource Economics (FRE) group (formerly Agricultural Economics) uses rigorous tools of economic analysis to examine applied problems in the general area of food markets (e.g., trade and regulated markets, food demand analysis, food safety and biotechnology) and the economics of renewable resources and the environment (e.g.,trade and the environment, environmental policy).

The FRE group is comparatively small, so faculty members actively collaborate with other economists at UBC and other universities through both formal and informal networks and linkages.

Some units where we have cross-campus collaborations are:

  • Faculty of Land and Food Systems: Our graduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature. Professors and students work in close collaborations with colleagues in other graduate programs within the Faculty. These include: Animal Science, Food Science, Human Nutrition, Plant Science and Soil Science.

  • UBC Sauder School of Business: This world-class business school has more than a dozen economists working on issues such as trade policy, regulatory and policy issues, industrial organization, finance and marketing.

  • Vancouver School of Economics: Canada’s premier economics department specializes in industrial organization, trade, environmental issues and development. Faculty of Forestry: Economists in Forest Resource Management often work with our students on issues such as climate change, biodiversity and recreation demand.