Welcome counsellors! We know you play a critical role in supporting your students when making effective post-secondary program decisions. If you have students who are passionate about sustainability, nutrition, animal welfare or more, then LFS could be a really good fit for your students. Learn more about LFS’s values and programs by meeting staff, faculty, and our recruitment colleagues at various counsellor events locally, across Canada, and in the US.

On-Campus Events

There are no LFS events scheduled at this time, but if you are looking for experiences for your students, check out our Land, Food and You program. You can also promote LFS student events to your students.

Off-Campus Visits

We can’t be everywhere, but our colleagues from the UBC recruitment teams can be (well, almost!). If you are interested in an LFS program for your students, we encourage you to check out the list of visits UBC representatives will be making in cities around the world here. They can answer your questions and help connect you with LFS Student Services for more, if needed.

Got Questions?

Whether you or your students have questions about our programs, the LFS experienc,e or next steps, LFS Student Services is here to help. Get in touch.