Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen

Assistant Professor, Food Microbiology


FNH Building 218, 2205 East Mall

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University of Guelph, 2000, MSc, Food Microbiology

University of Guelph, 2007, PhD, Food Microbiology

I am interested in studying the fundamental reasons why foodborne pathogens continue to be a significant issue in our food chain. Correspondingly, my research is focused on several divergent areas. First, I am interested in examining how stress response physiology is affected by food chain-relevant stress events. Specifically, what are the short- and long-term ramifications on cells subjected to sub-lethal stress events? Also, do these events impact the virulence or pathogenic capacity of the organism? By addressing these questions, we hope to develop/model new intervention strategies based on physiological data.

Also, I am interested in antimicrobial resistance of zoonotic foodborne pathogens. In general, animal production environments and/or practices provide selection pressure for development and subsequent dissemination of resistant phenotypes. I am interested in understanding factors which contribute to this phenomenon. This includes performing antimicrobial surveys, examining transmissibility mechanisms and de novo resistance development, and characterizing novel resistance phenotypes from animal and seafood isolates.

Lastly, I am interested in examining factors which may contribute to pathogen contamination of produce (e.g. Norovirus, E. coli O157:H7 and other STEC, Salmonella, etc.). This involves determining potential sources of pathogen prevalence in the food chain. This information can then be used to understand why/how contaminated produce occurs. Further, I am interested in examining the physiological processes that pathogenic organisms use to survive on and/or in plant tissue.

Food 523 – Advances in Food Microbiology (Term 1)

FNH 313 – Microorganisms in Food Systems (Term 2)

FNH 425 – Food Science Laboratory III

LFS 100 – Introduction to Land, Food & Community (Term 1)

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Research Manager (2009), Animal Vaccine Research Manager, Bioniche Life Sciences

Researcher (2002), PHAC Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Guelph ON