Industry Research


Innovation opens the door to opportunities.

UBC researchers welcome collaboration with people who have a vision or idea they want to explore. From entrepreneurs and growers to those working in small-to-mid-sized organizations, you can submit a project to us for consideration. These projects could encompass sustainable food production, new product development, food security, to ways of improving human and animal health and wellbeing.

Our focus is on ground-breaking innovations that result in adding new knowledge to both our industry partner and to the existing body of research. Through this process, UBC graduate students gain valuable training under the supervision of faculty members.

How industry can work with UBC LFS

  • Research and Development (R&D) Partnerships
    • UBC LFS has a great deal of experience working on R&D projects with organizations. Working together on innovation projects have resulted in specific products or technologies that are now available to consumers.
    • R&D Partnerships could be short-term or run for several years. These often require funding through a third-party, such as MITACS.
  • Fee for Service
    • We can also provide resources – such as consulting services based on research expertise or access to specialized lab equipment – to support your own independent project.
    • To access Fee for Service, you would contact a faculty researcher who has the needed expertise. The Associate Dean, Research, for the Faculty and the UBC University Industry Liaison Office would also get involved to discuss the scope of the project, outcomes and funding commitments.

Connect with us

  • Contact our researchers directly for exploratory discussions about potential projects. For a directory of Land and Food Systems researchers and a link to their research areas, click here.
  • For general inquiries:
    • Contact Sahan Ranamukha, Manager of Innovation Partnerships, UBC’s Innovation Partnerships Office ( | 604-446-0793).
    • Our LFS development team can help connect you to the most appropriate LFS researcher(s). Contact Zoë Campbell, LFS Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Engagement ( | 604-827-5556).