Hire or Mentor a Student

Hire or Mentor a Student

LFS Mentorship Program

The LFS Mentorship program is one of the longest-running at UBC. It uses a successful model where a working professional mentors a group of student peers. The opportunity for networking with LFS alumni and professionals is valuable for students, as they learn to hone their professional skills and explore various academic and career pathways. To learn more about getting involved in the LFS Mentorship program, click here.

Hire a co-op student

Want motivated, energetic students to help your organization deliver on its mission? Our students have the knowledge and skills to be effective in work experiences, and they’re ready to apply them in the real world. Over 4000 UBC students work co-op jobs each year, offering incredible value on both sides of the equation.

To hire a co-op student, visit the Science co-op website for Employers.