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In the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, we have been working to better respond to the local, provincial, national and global needs surrounding healthy, safe and sustainable land and food. Without the generosity of our partners, friends and alumni, we would be unable to do the work that is central to our mission and the learning of our students. We thank all of our various partners who are working with us to find innovative ways to address vital community needs and provide opportunities for us to grow globally!

Our Faculty has a diverse array of opportunities for individuals interested in helping us grow. Our programs span the spectrum from helping improve the lives of animals to supporting priority construction costs for new facilities.

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There are many ways you can financially support our Faculty, and we will work with you to find the way that best matches your situation and desire to help.

We would also appreciate the opportunity to keep you informed on the progress of the project you support, the new research initiatives and other developments your gift helped enable.

You can help our Faculty change the world. All it takes is a phone call!

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