Soil-Water Systems Group



Water quality and sediment dynamics in the Sumas River Watershed

Sediments containing asbestos fibers and trace metals from a landslide in the headwaters of the Sumas River are being deposited during flood events on downstream agricultural lands, causing air quality and health concerns. Research is examining chemical interactions and modifications of the fibers and trace metals as they are transported downstream, and exposed to different water quality and weathering conditions.

Andisols and Water


In Colombia, soil derived from volcanic ash represent 12% of the country and are concentrated in the central cordillera. Andisols have unique chemical and physical properties related to the prevalence of short range order mineraloids (e.g. allophane), their high specific surface area and high variable charge. The high soil-water holding capacity of allophanic soils has implications for communities who depend on these upland regions for agricultural production and as water sources. XRD data indicate an andesitic ash; both organic matter and short range order compounds are related to water retention and release; and land use impacts soil-water retention but showed limited influence on other soil-water properties.

Soil Phosphorus in Agriculture

phosphorus01The use of phosphorus for nutrient management in intensive agriculture in the Sumas Prairie, BC is known to cause eutrophication in surrounding water bodies. Though phosphorus is assumed to be largely immobile in soil, being bound by calcium and aluminium/iron phosphates, its persistence and accumulation in soil and water requires investigation of inorganic and organic phosphorus dynamics under variable nutrient management regimes.

Innovations in communication and teaching



  • MSc and PhD in Soil Science (Research-based): A collaboration between the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and Faculty of Forestry, the inter-faculty Soil Science Graduate Program offers opportunities for advanced study and research leading to MSc and PhD degrees. Students are registered in the Faculty of Graduate Studies through either the Faculty of Land and Food Systems or Faculty of Forestry, depending upon their research interests. Areas of study include biometeorology, forest nutrition and nutrient cycling, mycorrhizal ecology, soil biology, soil quality and fertility, soil-plant interactions, ecosystem services, land and water systems.
  • Professional Masters in Land and Water Systems (MLWS): The goal of the innovative Master of Land and Water Systems program is to offer a professional degree which will serve both practicing resource managers and recent graduates from cognate undergraduate academic programs, the necessary credentials to address the emerging concerns of land and water resources conservation and management.

cropped-Brown_headshot_sm.jpg Sandra Brown Lecturer; Research Associate Characterization of soil–water properties of Andean soils; Role of soils in the terrestrial hydrological cycle; Assessing water allocation in Latin America
Maja Krzic Associate Professor (appointed jointly with Department of Forest & Conservation Sciences) Soil quality, application of information technology in soil science education, soil compaction
Les Lavkulich Professor Emeritus; Program Director, MLWS Program Mineralogy, surface reactions, soil genesis, mineral-organic interactions, natural science and policy development
Hans Schreier Professor Emeritus Watershed management, land-water Interactions, soil and water pollution
julie-wilson Julie Wilson Sessional Lecturer; Academic Coordinator, MLWS Program Communications for natural resource professionals, urban watershed management, watershed cumulative effects assessment. 

Adjunct Professors:

  • Ken Ashley, UBC Civil Engineering and Rivers Institute,BCIT. Ecosystem level experimental limnology, habitat restoration, freshwater ecology of salmonids, climate change, environmental engineering, struvite (P).
  • Paul Mitchell-Banks, AMEC Environment and Infrastructure, Burnaby. Resource planning, aboriginal economic development, environmental assessment.

Research Associates:

  • Maria-Cecilia Roa-Garcia. Issues of environment and development in Latin America, water access and equity, land-water interactions.

Emeriti (coming soon)



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