Canada Research Chair in Soil Microbial Ecology

phone: 6048225928
Forest Science Centre 3006
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC


  • Microbial diversity and function in soils
  • Plant-microbe interactions
  • Rhizodeposition
  • Climate change and soil C sequestration
  • Soil microbial community structure and function related to GHG emissions

Selected Publications

Christiansen JR, Levy-Booth DJ, Prescott CE, Grayston SJ. (2017). Different soil moisture control of net methane oxidation and production in organic upland and wet forest soils of the Pacific coastal rainforest in Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Barker J, Christiansen JR, Grayston SJ. (2017). Indirect microbial effects on methane flux are stronger when the environmental influence is weaker in a temperate forest ecosystem. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 105, 92-95.

Masse, J, Prescott CE, Renaut S, Terrat Y, Grayston SJ. (2017). Plant community and nitrogen deposition as drivers of α- and β-prokaryotic diversity in reconstructed soils and in natural boreal-forest soils. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (published on-line) April 2017

Neufeld KRS, Grayston SJ, Bittman S, Krzic M, Hunt DE, Smukler SM (2017). Long-term alternative dairy manure management approaches enhance microbial biomass and activity in perennial forage grass. Biology and Fertility of Soils (In press) April 2017.

Christiansen JR, Levy-Booth DJ, Prescott CE, Grayston SJ. (2016). Microbial and environmental controls of carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in three forest types along a soil moisture gradient in a Pacific coastal temperate rainforest. Ecosystems 19, 1255-1270.

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