Professor, Food and Resource Economics
Graduate Advisor, Agricultural Economics
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  • Capitalization of Government program benefits
  • Analysis of quota systems and quota markets
  • Analyzing the effects of selected agricultural policy instruments
  • Trade, Industrial and Agricultural Policy Reform in South East Asian countries
  • Economics of raw material export bans


Introduction to Global Food Markets. An overview of global food markets including recent trends (e.g., vertical coordination, strategic alliances, multinationals and small firms in niche markets), marketing and trade institutions such as state-trading enterprises and WTO regulations, issues specific to developing nations, and case studies. [3-0-1]

Selected Publications

“Regulation and Trade Policy: Towards an Open Economy,” (with David Dapice), in D.D. Dapice, J. Haughton, and D.H. Perkins, eds., In Search of the Dragon’s Tail: Economic Reform in Vietnam, 1996 (in press).

“Rent Seeking and International Commodity Agreements: The Case of Coffee” (with Mary Bohman and Lovell Jarvis), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 44(2): 379-404, 1996

“Prospects for the Canadian Dairy Sector Following the Upcoming NAFTA Panel Ruling” (with Robert Romain), in R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald Knutsen, and Karl Meilke, eds., U.S.-Canadian Dairy Policy Trade Tensions, 1996

“Cost Competitiveness in the Canadian and U.S. Dairy Industries” (with R. Lambert, T.J. Richards, R.F. Romain, and B.K. Stennes), in Andrew Schmitz, Garth Coffin and Kenneth A. Rosaasen, eds., Regulation and Protectionism Under GATT: Case Studies in N orth American Agriculture, Westview Press, 1996: 96-117.

“Anticipating the Response to Freer Trade: Determinants of Export Success in the Canadian Food Sector” (with Laura Cain), Forthcoming in Towards a Continental Agricultural Policy, eds. Timothy Josling and C. Reynolds, Westview Press, 1996

“Capitalizing Government Program Benefits: Evidence of the Risk Associated with Holding Farm Quotas”, in John M. Antle and Daniel A. Sumner, eds., The Economics of Agriculture Volume 2: Papers in Honor of D. Gale Johnson, University of Chicago Pr ess, 1996: 283-299.

“Overview of Canadian Agricultural Policy Systems”, in R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson and Karl Mielke, eds., Understanding Canada/United States Grain Disputes, 1995: 37-59.

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“Trade Policy Reform in Indonesia” (with Frank Flatters), in D. Perkins and M. Roemer, eds., Reforming Economic Systems in Developing Countries, Harvard University Press and HIID, 1991

Report of the Commission of Inquiry–British Columbia Tree Fruit Industry, Peter A. Lusztig, Commissioner, Richard Barichello, Director of Research, 1990

“Medium Term Outlook for Tree Fruit”, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 38:591-602, 1990

Additional Information

  • Editorial Board, Agricultural Economics
  • Advisor, Prime Minister’s Consultative Group and Minister of Agriculture, Government of Vietnam, 1995-97
  • Co-Presenter, Stanford University Program in “Agricultural Policy Tools and Applications”, for Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, 1994-97
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1994/95
  • Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, 1988-1994
  • Senior Resident Advisor, Harvard Institute for International Development, Customs and Economic Management Project, Department of Finance, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1986-1988