Research Associate (Andrew Black)

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Selected Publications

Jassal, R.S., Black, T.A., Trofymow, A.J., Roy, R., Nesic, Z., 2009. Forest-floor CO2 and N2O flux dynamics in a nitrogen-fertilized Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir stand. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, submitted.

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Jassal, R.S., Black, T.A., Spittlehouse, D., Brümmer, C., Nesic, Z. 2009. Evapotranspiration and water use efficiency in Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir stands of different ages following clearcut harvesting. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, AGRFORMET-D-08-00277, accepted.

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Jassal, R.S., Black, T.A., Novak, M.D., Gaumont-Guay, Nesic, Z. 2008. Effect of soil water stress on soil respiration and its temperature sensitivity in an 18-year-old temperate Douglas-fir stand.Global Change Biology, 14, 1-14.

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Additional Information

I joined the Biometeorology & Soil Physics group in January 2002 when I had moved to Vancouver from India. I received my D.Phil. degree from the University of Oxford in England in 1984 and my thesis was on modelling the movement of urea and its transformation products (N species and alkalinity) in soil. From 1985 to 1989 and 1992 to 2001, I was a Soil Scientist at the Punjab Agricultural University in India, where my main interests were soil-water plant relationships and management of problem soils (salt affected, highly permeable coarse textured, and very slowly permeable clays). During 1990-1992, I was a Visiting Scientist at the International Rice Research Institute in Philippines, where I worked on a model of the fate of fertilizer N in submerged soils and simultaneous transfer of CO2 and NH3 across an air-water interface.

While at UBC, I started with modeling the coupled transport of soil heat and water and the surface energy balance components. My current interests are measurements and modeling of soil CO2concentrations and effluxes in relation to soil and environmental variables, effect of forest management on carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions and net global warming potential.

I have published more than 80 research papers, including 2 reviews and 3 book chapters and a White Paper on Forestry.