Adjunct Professor, Food, Nutrition & Health
phone: 2504946365

Selected Publications

M.A.* and Toivonen, P.M.A. 2017. Sensory and quality characteristics of Ambrosia apples in relation to harvest maturity and storage conditions. PostHarvest Biology and Technology. (in press).

Cliff, M.A.*, Bejaei, M., King, M. and McArthur, D.A.J. 2016. Influence of wine education on wine hedonic and confidence ratings by millennial wine consumers of different ethnicities. Beverages  2(4), 32:DOI:10.3390/beverages2040032

Cliff, M.A.*, Stanich, K., Lu, R. and Hampson, C.R. 2016.Use of descriptive analysis and preference mapping for early-stage assessment of new and established apples. J. Sci. Food Agri. 96: 2170-2183.

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