Sessional Lecturer, Animal Welfare Program
phone: 6048226873
MacMillan Building 180B
UBC Animal Welfare Program
2357 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4


University of British Columbia, PhD, Applied Animal Biology
University of Edinburgh, MSc, Animal Behaviour and Welfare
University of Edinburgh, BSc, Neuroscience


My PhD research involved: a) examination of worldwide trends in animal-based research, b) an online experiment to assess what factors might affect people’s willingness to support the use of animals in research, and c) an interview-based study exploring stakeholder views towards the creation of genetically modified animals in biomedical science. Collectively this work aimed to support dialogue between scientists, policy makers and the public, and to enhance laboratory animal welfare.

My post-doctoral work continues with a focus on the democratization of animal research and will involve the use of stakeholder dialogue circles to explore mechanisms for public engagement about the use of animals in research and the development of animal welfare policy.

I currently represent the Canadian Bioethics Society on the Canadian Council on Animal Care – the oversight body responsible for setting and maintaining national standards for the care and use of animals in research, teaching and testing.


TA/PBL/Marker Courses

  • APBI Research Methods in Applied Animal Biology, September 2012
  • APBI Animals and Global Issues, September 2011
  • APBI Animals and Society, September 2011
  • APBI Animal Welfare and Animal Ethics, January 2012
  • ISCI Ethical Issues in Science, September 2011

Selected Publications

Ormandy, E. H., Schuppli, C. A. and Weary, D. M. (in press). Modelling skin cancer in zebrafish or mice: Factors affecting public acceptance. Alternatives to Laboratory Animals.

Ormandy, E. H., Schuppli, C. A. and Weary, D. M. (in press) Public attitudes toward the use of animals in research: Effect of invasiveness, genetic modification, and regulation. Anthrozoos.

Ormandy, E. H. (2012) The importance of including the public as key stakeholders during anima policy development. Alternatives to Animal Experimentation (ALTEX), Special Issue: Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, Montréal, Canada, Aug 21-25.

Ormandy, E. H., Dale, J. and Griffin, G. (2011) Genetically-engineered animals: Ethical issues, including welfare concerns. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 52: 544-550

Fenwick, N., Ormandy, E. H., Gauthier, C. and Griffin, G. (2011) Classifying the severity of scientific animal use: A review of international systems. Animal Welfare, 20: 281-300

Ormandy, E. H., Schuppli, C. A. and Weary, D. M. (2009) Worldwide trends in the use of animals in research: The contribution of genetically modified animal models. Alternatives to Laboratory Animals, 37: 63-68

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Council on Animal Care, Canadian Bioethics Society representative
Canadian Bioethics Society, Member