Associate Professor
Director, Indigenous Research Partnerships
MacMillan 327
2357 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
phone: 604-822-3338
fax: 604-822-6394


My research interests include ethnobotany, mycology, natural product chemistry and Aboriginal health. I am especially concerned with organismal and chemical diversity and their intersection with human and environmental health. I am interested in Indigenous peoples’ worldviews and their use of ecosystem resources to maintain health and wellness, particularly plants and fungi used in traditional medicine. In the last 10 years, I have taken an active role in Aboriginal health research, including Indigenous medicinal systems, food security, environmental health, research ethics, and Indigenous research methodologies. Through my research program, I have addressed health issues affecting Aboriginal people (e.g., environmental contaminants in traditional foods; impact of indoor moulds in Aboriginal housing). I strive to integrate interprofessional research practices and education, and merge Indigenous knowledge traditions and Western academic disciplinary positions and cultural contexts, while maintaining academic rigor. By doing so, I embrace values of respect, tolerance and diversity in my research and education  involvement.

Research Projects

  • ecological and socio-economic intensification for food security in smallholder agriculture in the Andes, Peru
  • assessment of indoor moulds in Aboriginal housing and impacts on  health
  • identification of potential sources of bioactive molecules from BC fungi
  • impacts of environmental contaminants on traditional marine foods and  medicines
  • antioxidant activities, total phenolic content, and antimicrobial properties of BC native plants and entomogenous fungi
  • evaluation of plants with mercury chelating  properties