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Vancouver Sun: Virtual dissection offered as a humane alternative

Posted: Sun April 10, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

The Animals in Science Policy Institute was founded by animal scientists and welfare advocates based in B.C. last July to provide education on the use of non-animal models in teaching, testing and research. While organizations with similar aims have been abundant across Europe and the U.S. for decades, Canada has been lagging in this area. (read more)

News 1130: Housing market affecting food prices, local farmers struggling

Posted: Thu April 7, 2016 | Keywords: , , ,

The director of the BC Food Systems Network is worried the [red-hot housing] market is actually putting our local farms at risk. And, specifically, that means crops, including all those luscious berries that could be on the way out. (read more)

Culture club: Not all probiotics created equal

Posted: Tue April 5, 2016 | Keywords:

Probiotics are flying off the shelves in grocery stores, as research continues to confirm the important role that gut microbes play in our overall health. But not all sources of probiotics are created equal. UBC Assistant Professor Siyun Wang explains. (read more)

CBC News: Farmed salmon like their walls painted black, UBC study finds

Posted: Fri April 1, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

age-free eggs and massages for dairy cattle represent ways farmers are trying to improve the comfort of the animals we raise for food. But what would comfort and humane treatment look like for farmed salmon? Scientists at the University of British Columbia say a key factor is the decor of their tanks. (read more)

Farming UK: Pain relief should be provided when disbudding and dehorning calves, study group concludes

Posted: Fri April 1, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

A recent scientific study explores different stakeholder views on the use of pain relief for disbudding and dehorning dairy calves, and has highlighted that 90% of the respondents thought pain relief should be provided. (read more)

Undercurrent News: Salmon less aggressive in tanks with darker backgrounds

Posted: Thu March 31, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

Coho salmon may be four times less aggressive in tanks with darker backgrounds than in tanks with light backgrounds, according to recently published study. While fish are known to be sensitive to light — and the colors of fish environments can affect their growth, survival, aggression, and reproduction — researchers from the University of British Columbia have […] (read more)

EurekAlert: Salmon are less aggressive in tanks with darker backgrounds

Posted: Wed March 30, 2016 | Keywords: , , ,

Coho salmon may be four times less aggressive in tanks with darker backgrounds than in tanks with light backgrounds, according to a study published March 30, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Leigh Gaffney from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and colleagues. (read more)

Modern Farmer: New Study Finds “Ag-Gag” Laws Erode Trust in Farmers

Posted: Tue March 29, 2016 | Keywords: ,

A new study finds farm protection laws, also known as ag-gag laws by their detractors, which criminalize the undercover documenting of conditions at agricultural facilities erode trust in farmers and increase support for animal welfare legislation. (read more)

The Daily Astorian – Op-Ed: ‘Ag gag’ laws are a mistake

Posted: Thu March 24, 2016 | Keywords:

A story in the Capital Press last Friday reported on just how big a blunder [ag-gag] laws have been in terms of confidence in farmers. A study of U.S. consumers by the University of British Columbia shows that such heavy-handed efforts to keep agricultural practices under wraps has the opposite of the desired effect. (read more)

WNAX Radio: Study Says Ag Gag Laws Reducing Consumer Trust

Posted: Tue March 22, 2016 | Keywords: ,

A University of British Columbia study says laws designed to prohibit hidden camera filming substantially reduce consumer trust in U.S. agriculture. Animal Ag Alliance’s Hannah Thompson says there are varying opinions as to the effectiveness and need for ag gag laws. She says what’s important is that state lawmakers are trying to find ways to […] (read more)

UBC News: Pros and Cons of Meal Replacements

Posted: Wed March 16, 2016 | Keywords:

Sales for the liquids and powders that act as a substitute for solid food have increased steadily over the past few years. But can these drinks really replace food? Kara Vogt, registered dietitian and clinical instructor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, helps explain. (read more)

Vancouver Sun: Canadian forestry sector needs rebuilding

Posted: Tue March 15, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

The Canadian forest industry is on the verge of another watershed moment. The Softwood Lumber Agreement has lapsed, while efforts are underway to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership, creating both opportunities to take advantage of new markets and growing fears about future trade actions from the United States, its largest trade partner. The weak Canadian dollar […] (read more)