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National Observer: Disaster-proof your homes say insurers, climate change is here

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 | Keywords: , , ,

As Fort McMurray continues to smoulder in the wake of raging wildfires, an Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) expert is grimly assessing the nation’s losses from climate instability. If there is one lesson to be learned from such disasters, it’s that governments and homeowners can all take steps to be more prepared when tragedy strikes, […] (read more)

Digital Journal: B.C. may be facing wildfires and drought this summer

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

The snowpack in British Columbia started melting early this year and because of the generally warm and dry conditions we had in April, the melting was quick. Based on information from the latest Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin, many regions of BC have snow levels that are less than half the normal for this time of […] (read more)

National Post: What you need to know about fermented protein powders

Posted: Fri May 6, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

When it comes to waistlines, you’ve probably heard that fermented foods are recommended over others because they promote a healthier gut. Many bestselling books like The Good Gut, The Microbiome Solution, and The Gut Balance Revolution herald the benefits of a healthy gut because they say it promotes overall well-being including a trimmer tummy. But […] (read more)

National Observer: Why you should care about B.C.’s early snow melt

Posted: Tue April 26, 2016 | Keywords: , , ,

The timing of the snow melt — and quantity of the snow that melts — is particularly important to the West Coast province, which sources much of its drinking water from mountain reservoirs topped up annually by melted snow. If the snow melts much earlier than usual, B.C. could face drought later on in the […] (read more)

Animal Welfare Researchers to Develop Wildlife Accreditation Program

Posted: Tue April 26, 2016 | Keywords: , , ,

LFS Adjunct Professor Sara Dubois and Professor David Fraser have received a $180,000 grant from the Vancouver Foundation to create an accreditation program for humane wildlife control. (read more)

MoneySense Magazine: 4 casualties of Vancouver’s real estate market

Posted: Mon April 25, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

While it’s hard to see the direct impact rising house prices has on farmland, the correlation between the two events is hard to deny. So, Vancity, a vocal credit union that operates in Vancouver and the lower mainland, explored the topic. The result was a compelling report released on April 7. (read more)

Vancouver Sun: Tagging project aims to answer questions about salmon migration and fish farms

Posted: Fri April 22, 2016 | Keywords: , , ,

A high-tech salmon tagging project may help resolve one of the vexing unanswered questions of the Cohen Commission report on the decline of the Fraser River sockeye. (read more)

GRS Alum Wins CCPA Leadership Award for Research

Posted: Mon April 18, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

Alumna Anelyse Weiler (BSc GRS ’11) received the 2016 Power of Youth Leadership Award for Research, Analysis and Solutions from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. (read more)

CBC: Pailin Chongchitnant shares a recipe from her cookbook Hot Thai Kitchen

Posted: Thu April 14, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

When Vancouver’s Pailin Chongchitnant (BSc FNH ’07) was first asked to write a cookbook, she didn’t see much point as she was already providing a variety of Thai recipes on her popular YouTube cooking show. But she quickly realized that there is a difference — and that a cookbook would allow her to provide her audience with a deeper […] (read more)

Wine Spectator: Amateur Winemaker Develops Solution For Making Wine Smell Even Better

Posted: Wed April 13, 2016 | Keywords:

In the southwest corner of British Columbia, a former professor of pulmonary medicine is trying to make white wines smell even better. Dick Jones believes he has found a way to retain more aromatic compounds in wine, preventing them from being lost during fermentation. So far, local wineries are impressed with the results, and now […] (read more)

Globe and Mail: B.C. housing costs could threaten food security, study finds

Posted: Tue April 12, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

Double-digit leaps in home prices across the Vancouver region could force farmers off the land and threaten local food security, a report from Vancity credit union suggests. Farmland prices, including in the rich and productive soils of the Fraser River delta, now range from $150,000 to $350,000 per acre for parcels less than five acres, […] (read more)

Vancouver Sun: Farm trials underway to establish commercial seed industry in B.C.

Posted: Mon April 11, 2016 | Keywords: , ,

A series of seed crop trials are getting underway at locations in southwestern B.C. with the aim of reducing local farmers’ extreme reliance on imported vegetable seed. (read more)