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A touch of garlic helps kill contaminants in baby formula

Posted: Mon November 25, 2013 | Keywords: , , , ,

Two compounds derived from garlic may help contaminants in baby formula, says a UBC study. (read more)

Dietetics Student Goes to Camp

Posted: Wed October 30, 2013 | Keywords: , ,

Dietetics student Gordon Ly spun his passion for food and health and his love of working with kids into an unforgettable volunteer experience at Camp Kakhamela in Gibsons, BC. (read more)

Faculty Welcomes MasterCard Scholarship Recipient from Rwanda

Posted: Thu October 17, 2013 | Keywords: , , , ,

In September, our Faculty welcomed MasterCard scholarship recipient Patrick Munyurangabo to the FNH undergraduate program. (read more)

Vancouver Sun: Finding Happiness – Trading a high salary to help prevent animal cruelty

Posted: Mon April 22, 2013 | Keywords: ,

What do you do when you’ve got a good job with a high income and it’s making you physically ill? That’s the conundrum Leanne McConnachie faced a few years ago. A couple of times during her 15-year career in information technology, she nearly quit. But just as she was ready to take the leap, McConnachie […] (read more)

Vancity awards funds to innovative students making social & environmental impacts in BC

Posted: Mon August 13, 2012 | Keywords: , , , , ,

MSc students Ilana Labow and Marc Schutzbank received a $50,000 grant from Vancity in support of urban food sovereignty at Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society. (read more)

CTV News: Chronic drought to become commonplace, scientists warn

Posted: Mon July 30, 2012 | Keywords: , , , ,

The four-year-long drought that affected western Canada and the U.S. at the turn of the century was the worst to hit the region in 800 years, say scientists who warn that dry spell was nothing compared to the “megadroughts” still to come. (read more)

The Province: Wine allergy sufferers will toast UBC prof’s innovation

Posted: Fri July 13, 2012 | Keywords: ,

For Hennie van Vuuren of the University of B.C.’s wine research centre, tasting the nectar of the gods can be both heavenly and painful. One the one hand, the microbiologist and wine lover is among the 33 per cent of people who suffer allergic reactions to compounds called bioamines found in many younger wines. He […] (read more)

UBC News: Grad sprouts vision of wholesome food

Posted: Wed May 2, 2012 | Keywords:

Lizzy Foulkes aims to earn a master’s degree in international public health and also see more of the world. (read more)

UBC News: BMO donates $250,000 to UBC Dairy Centre

Posted: Tue November 29, 2011 | Keywords: , ,

BMO Financial Group is providing $250,000 to develop new classroom space at UBC’s Dairy Education and Research Centre. (read more)

Canada-Australia collaboration to reveal Chardonnay’s secrets

Posted: Mon January 17, 2011 | Keywords: ,

UBC's Wine Research Centre has teamed up with The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) to unlock the genetic mysteries of the Chardonnay grape. (read more)