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Good Soil, Good Humans – UBC Farm

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Atlantic salmon also show capacity to adapt to warmer waters

Posted: Thu July 17, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Prof. Tony Farrell was part of a research group that studies the ability of the Atlantic salmon to adjust to warmer temperatures. (read more)

BBC News: When you cry, should your boss cry with you?

Posted: Tue July 15, 2014 | Keywords: , , ,

Calves experience depression when separated from their mothers, producing less milk, according to UBC research. The findings, when applied to the human workforce, suggest managers and executives need to stay in tune with the emotions of their staff to maximize productivity. (read more)

Small Ripples, Big Effects

Posted: Tue July 15, 2014 | Keywords: , , ,

Her name is Emily, a self-described “sustainability nerd” enrolled in the Environmental and Sustainability Program at UBC. For two weeks in November 2013 and despite her workload, Emily was everywhere, first and in the forefront of the Vancouver campus Ripple Effect campaign. The initiative was designed to create ongoing, long-term sustainability awareness among her 64,000 or so fellow students and faculty on how each individual can, by making small conscious choices, positively affect the environment. (read more)

The Province: UBC alums awarded civic honour

Posted: Wed June 25, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Congratulations to the Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society for receiving the Greenest City Leadership Award (Organization category) from the City of Vancouver! (read more)

UBC receives $2M gift from RBC Foundation

Posted: Tue June 24, 2014 | Keywords: , , , ,

The RBC Foundation has donated $1m to help build a new Farm Centre at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm. (read more)

Agri-View: Pair house calves for increased social interaction, learning ability

Posted: Wed June 4, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Cattle are social creatures. They thrive best around others and numerous other species perform better due to interaction and competition. So why do we continue to individually house calves until post-weaning? Would they be better off with a buddy? (read more)

Huffington Post: Yurt Is UBC’s Newest Classroom

Posted: Wed June 4, 2014 | Keywords:

How would you like to take a university class in a centuries-old Asian structure? The University of British Columbia has built a 65 square-metre yurt on its farm to be used for classes, children’s programs, community events, and more. (read more)

UBC News: Love yurts

Posted: Mon June 2, 2014 | Keywords:

While universities around the world usually focus on building state-of-the-art laboratories, the latest structure to be erected at UBC’s Vancouver campus opts instead to draw inspiration from ancient nomads. A 65-square-metre yurt–a circular, semi-permanent tent-like structure common to Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia–now sits on the grounds of the UBC Farm. A rare sight […] (read more)

Dietetics Alum Focuses on Preventing Disease through Nutrition

Posted: Wed May 7, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Desiree Nielsen discusses her 'aha' moment when she first made the connection between food and health. (read more)

Professor Rickey Yada Appointed Dean of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Posted: Sun April 20, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Professor Rickey Yada, a distinguished alumnus of our Food Science program, will return to UBC in October to serve as Dean of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems for a five-year term. (read more)

The Globe and Mail: Bovines with buddies learn better, UBC research shows

Posted: Thu February 27, 2014 | Keywords: ,

New research out of the University of British Columbia found Holstein dairy calves learned better in pairs. The first of two studies found calves that lived with another calf became familiar with and learned to ignore a red-plastic bin placed in their pen, while individual calves on their own continued to react to each exposure of the red-plastic bin as if it was a first. (read more)

Ivarson Agricultural Scholarship Awarded to LFS PhD Student

Posted: Thu December 5, 2013 | Keywords: , , , ,

Food Science PhD student Jovana Kovacevic has been awarded a $15,000 Ivarson Scholarship, from the Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation (AICF). (read more)