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Penticton Western News: AgSci alum Barkwill wants a seat on Summerland council

Posted: Tue October 7, 2014 | Keywords:

With a background in business and agriculture, Richard Barkwill believes he can help the community grow by earning a seat on council. (read more)

Times Colonist: Want some mealworms with those fries?

Posted: Tue October 7, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Eat insects? Sounds yucky. Sprinkle a few sautéed mealworms over your roasted potatoes? That sounds a little better perhaps, but eating bugs and worms is not soon likely to become mainstream in our culture. It’s hard to get past the fact that you’re dining on creepy-crawlies. (read more)

The Ubyssey: UBC prof advocates the eating of insects

Posted: Wed October 1, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Bugs are tiny, creepy, crawly, crunchy, slimy, delicious and nutritious. On September 26, Yasmin Akhtar, a UBC professor and researcher from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, held an insect-tasting event where she prepared different Canadian, Mediterranean and Asian dishes. (read more)

Digital Journal: Maybe entomophagy will be trending in time

Posted: Mon September 29, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

In a video here a University of British Columbia(UBC) researcher suggests that bugs could be a common source of protein in the future. Yasmin Akhtar, is a Research Associate in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at the UBC. She discusses what the future of entomophagy might be with CBC reporter Deborah Goble. Bugs typically contain many vitamins and minerals as well as protein. (read more)

UBC expert makes the case for eating insects

Posted: Thu September 25, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

UBC Land and Food Systems researcher Yasmin Akhtar says bugs are nutritious, sustainable and delicious. At an insect-tasting event and lecture September 26, she’ll serve up crickets and other bugs that she says aren’t hard to swallow. (read more)

UBC News: Kids eat better if their parents went to college

Posted: Mon September 22, 2014 | Keywords: ,

Children of college-educated parents eat more vegetables and drink less sugar, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia. But it’s still not enough, the study goes on to say, as all kids are falling short when it comes to eating healthier at school. (read more)

Metro News: Kids with college educated parents have healthier eating habits: study

Posted: Thu September 18, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Kids with parents with some college education will eat more of their broccoli and Brussels sprouts, according to a University of British Columbia study. (read more)

Yahoo News Canada: Canadians remain world-class water wasters

Posted: Wed September 10, 2014 | Keywords: , ,

Among developed countries, only the United States uses more water per capita than Canada. Some developing countries actually use much more, but that’s down to a particular population-industrial activity mix. Canada is blessed with one of the world’s most abundant freshwater supplies, but that’s hardly a good reason to waste it. “We’re some of the […] (read more)

Business in Vancouver: Buzz builds for ban on pesticides linked to bee die-offs

Posted: Tue August 5, 2014 | Keywords: , , , ,

Calls are growing for a ban on a widely used class of pesticides that has been linked to bee deaths, with the province of Ontario looking into how to move away from the use of neonicotinoids after complaints from beekeepers. The European Union introduced a ban this April. (read more)

Vancouver Sun: Young B.C. farmers find creative solutions to high land values

Posted: Thu July 24, 2014 | Keywords: , , , , ,

The high cost of suitable land and lack of capital for investment are the two most common obstacles faced by young farmers, according to a report by Hannah Wittman, a professor in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems a the University of British Columbia. (read more)

UBC News: Borrowing the farm

Posted: Tue July 22, 2014 | Keywords: , , ,

Young British Columbia farmers who don’t own land and don’t have enough money to buy a farm are finding creative ways to get their hands on the acreage they need; that’s the most recent finding of a new report by Prof. Hannah Wittman and Jessica Dennis, a LFS master’s student. (read more)

FIS Canada: Atlantic salmon capable of adapting to warmer waters

Posted: Mon July 21, 2014 | Keywords: ,

Populations of Atlantic salmon have a surprisingly good capacity to adjust to warmer temperatures that are being seen with climate change, a group of scientists at the University of Oslo and University of British Columbia have discovered. The finding about Atlantic species adds to recent UBC-supported research on heat tolerance of Pacific salmon. (read more)