Professors & Senior Instructors

Assistant Professor, Food Microbiology
work phone: 6048224427
work fax: 6048225143
Professor, Food and Resource Economics
Graduate Advisor, Agricultural Economics
work phone: 6048223473
work fax: 6048226394
Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
phone: 6048226869
Professor, Applied Biology
phone: 6048222730
fax: 6048222184
work phone: 6048225965
Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair in Viticulture and Plant Genomics
Assistant Professor, Wine Research Centre
phone: 6048272667
Associate Professor, Animal Reproduction
phone: 6048225056
fax: 6048226394
Professor, Applied Biology (Appointed Jointly with UBC Forestry)
phone: 6048223716
fax: 6048229102
Chair in Sustainable Aquaculture at UBC Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research (CAER)
phone: 6048226602
phone: 6046666647
fax: 6048226394
phone: 6048224736
phone: 6048222040
fax: 6048222184
Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Soil Microbial Ecology
phone: 6048225928
Associate Professor, Environmental Economics
phone: 6048222144
fax: 6048222184
Instructor, Food, Nutrition and Health
phone: 6048223934
fax: 6048225143
Professor, Applied Biology (Entomology/Toxicology)
Interim Director, Wine Research Centre
Program Director, Applied Biology Undergraduate Program
phone: 6048222329
Associate Professor
Director, Indigenous Research Partnerships
phone: 6048223338
fax: 6048226394
Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
NSERC Industrial Research Chair
Professor, Animal Welfare
phone: 6048224898
fax: 6048222184
Associate Dean, Research
Professor, Food Science
phone: 6048225560
Associate Professor, Applied Biology/Forest and Conservation Sciences
3M National Teaching Fellow (2016)
phone: 6048220252
fax: 6048222184
Canada Research Chair in Human Nutrition and Vitamin Metabolism
Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
phone: 6048271776
fax: 6048225143
Associate Professor, Food Science
phone: 6048222551
fax: 6048225143
Lecturer, Food, Nutrition and Health
Academic Advisor, Master of Food Science (MFS) Program
phone: 6048222806
fax: 6048225143
Lecturer, Applied Biology & Food, Nutrition & Health
phone: 6042095243
fax: 6048222184
Canada Resarch Chair in Trade and Environment
Associate Professor, Food & Resource Economics
phone: 6048223350
fax: 6048222184
Senior Instructor, International Nutrition
phone: 6048226195
fax: 6048225143
Associate Professor, Wine Research Centre
phone: 6048275744
phone: 6048225143
Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics
phone: 6048222619
Senior Instructor, Food, Nutrition and Health
phone: 6048220147
fax: 6048225143
Associate Professor, Applied Biology and Plant Breeding
phone: 6048229607
fax: 6048226394
Associate Dean, Academic
Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition & Health
phone: 6048221804
Assistant Professor, Food Processing
phone: 6048225944
mobile: 6047234562
Assistant Professor, Applied Biology & Soil Science
Junior Chair, Agriculture and the Environment
phone: 6048222795
fax: 6048222184
Assistant Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
phone: 6048222524
Professor, Applied Animal Biology
Director, UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre
phone: 6048275527
fax: 6048222184
Senior Instructor, Food, Nutrition and Health
Program Coordinator, Dietetics Major
phone: 6048275046
fax: 6048225143
Professor, Plant Science
phone: 6048226139
fax: 6048222184
Academic Director of the Land, Food, and Community Series
phone: 6048226534
fax: 6048222184
Professor, Food and Resource Economics (Jointly appointed with the Sauder School of Business)
phone: 6048225667
phone: 6048228475
fax: 6048222184
Professor and Eagles Chair in Food Biotechnology
phone: 6048220418
fax: 6048225143
phone: 6048226873
Assistant Professor, Food Safety Engineering
phone: 6048271734
fax: 6048225143
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare
Professor, Animal Welfare Program
phone: 6048223954
fax: 6048222184
Academic Coordinator, MLWS Program – on leave
Lecturer – on leave
phone: 6048226360
fax: 6048226394
phone: 6048229704
Academic Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems
Associate Professor, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES)
phone: 6048221644
fax: 6048225143
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Program Director, Food, Nutrition and Health
Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
phone: 6048226253
Dean; Professor
phone: 6048221219